Дело против супруги Андрея Аршавина закрыли
In January, the network appeared the video in which the footballer Andrei Arshavin hugging the Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova.

Дело против супруги Андрея Аршавина закрыли

After the publication of the video the wife of the athlete Alice was beginning to threaten the model. After that Olga wrote to the wife of Arshavin statement to the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan.

Дело против супруги Андрея Аршавина закрыли

“Held in a criminal case pre-trial investigation into the fact of threats of murder or infliction of grievous bodily harm, and other serious violence against the person, has not found his objective evidence, therefore, the criminal prosecution body 21.02.2018 year, a criminal case is filed as item 2 of part 1 of article 35 of the criminal procedure code of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, – reported in the Department of internal Affairs of Almaty.

But Olga is considering reapply for a visa, but once in court. If she will, only time will tell.

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