Автомобиль, убивший Антона Ельчина, должен был быть отозван
The Corporation tries to justify to the parents of the deceased actor.

Anton Yelchin

The story
said the family lawyer who was tragically killed Anton Elchina, has caused quite a mixed
response. As reported by lawyer Gary Dordick, car, crush, in June of this year, young
a talented actor, had to be withdrawn due to technical defect
design, which resulted in the death of 26-year-old actor.

the thing is, the message that the company considers necessary to withdraw the car of the actor,
still was sent. However, I received it only a week after the death of actor!!!
Moreover, it started the letter: “Dear Anton Yelchin…” That is
would think that the manufacturers of the machine had no idea that the addressee is to
point has already been buried. However, this story caused such a scandal that
not to hear about the tragic accident was simply impossible. On the other hand,
about the failures of the mail, which could explain the delay, too, not
reported. Conclusion: the Corporation just tried to “retroactively”
to present the situation as if you had done everything necessary, and to remove,
thus, responsibility. In addition, the mention of this document
only appeared after it became known that Anton’s parents — Irina and
Victor Alcini — are you going to sue the company in court and accuse her of conscious
concealment of defects of the machine.

if the attempted maneuver will facilitate the provision of the automaker. After all, as previously
it was reported, experts of the manufacturer for the first time found a similar
defect in other cars of this model (Jeep Cherokee) two years ago.
And for 2014-2015 was withdrawn more than a million cars. However, by all appearances
the company decided not to recall all the defective cars — the financial loss would be
too great. Meanwhile, according to the investigation undertaken by the independent
company Nadep Berman, during this time, due to failures of these machines was about 300
incidents. In addition, it was obtained
more than 700 complaints from owners of similar machines.

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