У «Бурановских бабушек» забрали имя, и они придумали новое

After many trials the ensemble, won the “Eurovision” will have to change the name.

Talk about the fact that the singing pensioners from the Udmurt Republic may lose the traditional names of the team, was conducted more than a year. Now in the case of Eurovision stars come to an end.

Former producer of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” Xenia Rubtsov scored a new team of soloists, and those who worked before, performing under this name have no more right.

— Yes, we are now “Grandmothers of Buranovo,” said Woman’s Day the artistic Director of the ensemble Olga Toktarev. — The right to a well-known name belong to our ex-producer Xenia Scar. It was our agreement that we entered into foolishly, expired, and therefore we have no right to “Buranovskiye grandmothers”. But we now go where I want, to invite, to anyone with no obligations.

According to Tuscarawas, under the same brand now sing a completely new audience for the soloist. All the old part went for it. Also the artistic Director added that on the posters they indicate that they are silver prize-winners of “Eurovision-2012”.

By the way, despite the change of composition of the old plans grandmother decided not to forget. The restoration of the destroyed temple in his native village of the artist will finish it in about a year.

Recall that the history of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” began in the 70s. Today a format for a show-business team, which after taking part in the European song contest has gained national popularity, acts 8 members. The average age of participants was 70 years. The age of the artist 81 years old, the youngest 48 years.