The builders cheated Ekaterina Volkova half a million

Строители обманули Екатерину Волкову на полмиллиона The actress and her husband become victims of unscrupulous workers. Family celebrities spent a lot of money to fix the bugs they have worked brigade and is now forced once again to postpone a long-awaited move to a country house.
Строители обманули Екатерину Волкову на полмиллиона

Two years ago, the star of the TV series “Voronin” start repair in a country house of 200 sq meters. Replacing three construction crews, Ekaterina Volkova and her husband Andrey Karpov has gone on extreme measures – has installed cameras in all the rooms and now follow the process with a computer monitor.

Строители обманули Екатерину Волкову на полмиллиона“As my husband is an architect by education, to outline work plan and to purchase the materials was not difficult, – says the actress “StarHit”. – It remained only to find the builders. We went to visit the neighbors, who are also engaged in the repair, and agreed with their team.”
Строители обманули Екатерину Волкову на полмиллиона

To the surprise of the owners, for six months in the house, virtually nothing has changed. “Due to the tight schedule we couldn’t always control what happens – continues Catherine. – And the guys worked half-heartedly. Once we arrived, and they were to… Patience is exhausted. Reprimanded, freaked out and dispersed them.” After a month hired two more experienced and began to follow the process.

“But made another error – “put” them on the salary each received 50 thousand roubles a month, – says the actress. The repair lasted another year, because these comrades have worked faster than the previous one. All fired. But they left us a “gift” – a bunch of like empty slopes on the Windows with mold inside, curved walls… Quiet horror! All rework cost 500 thousand rubles”.
Строители обманули Екатерину Волкову на полмиллиона

The third incident occurred with the tilers who laid out the bathroom, “forgetting a few squares.” In the end, the missing material was taken, but the builders have gone. “Now working for his fourth team, says Volkov. But we are close to final. I hope that September’s drop in.”