The budget sets SMH for heating pipes

Бюджетные комплекты SMH для обогрева труб

Soon the season will start heating, in this connection, “Avarit” offers a novelty — budget ready-made kits for heating pipes inside SMH Heatus. They protect from freezing any pipes: water supply, Sewerage, drainage. Until the end of September on the sets SMH discount stores “Avarit”. The basis of all sets is high quality and inexpensive cable Heatus (South Korea).

Бюджетные комплекты SMH для обогрева труб

Quality based safety

Freezing pipes is one of the most common causes of pipeline accidents in the winter. This is a big problem not only for private homes but also for organizations and businesses. Freezing piping will stop the flow of water to the premises, blocks the sewer system causing serious damage to the pipes. Today, however, this problem can be solved by providing heating pipes heating cable. Method of heating the inside protects pipes from freezing even in severe frosts. While not consumed too much energy, because the necessary temperature is maintained inside the pipe, not on its surface.

However, not all heating cables are suitable for installation into the pipeline. Heating cable for installation inside the pipe must be protected from moisture and food quality coating, which protects the water from changes in composition and taste. The most practical and affordable option is to buy ready-made kits from a trusted cable. One of the best options are budget sets SMH. The range includes models with capacity from 10 W/m, length sets — 1 to 65 m.

Advantages of cable Heatus

Kits SMH used the heating cables from the South Korean brand Heatus. What are the advantages of this cable?

  • Low starting currents, confirmed by comparative testing.
  • The best value of the cable size and composition of the self-regulating matrix.
  • Long service life and safety of use, provided with a particular design.
  • Economical cable. The power 10 W/m is sufficient to protect the pipe even in strong frosts.
  • Affordable price.
  • Well-known and reputable manufacturer.
  • Heatus is the oldest South Korean brand that has earned the trust of Russian buyers.

    Ready heater kits pipe from “Avarita”

    The budget sets SMH specially created for the internal heating pipes. They are suitable for installation inside pipelines of small and medium diameter. The heating system operates on the principle of self-regulation, that is, changing the degree of heating of water with changes in ambient temperature. This ensures economical power consumption and safe operation of the heating system. To protect pipes from freezing under normal conditions of winter fairly sets with power ranging from 10 W/m.

    The price of the kit with the plug and stuff a length of 1 m — all 1450 RUB. And until the end of September SMH all models can be ordered in the online store “Avarit” with 15% discount.

    Advantages of ready-made kits SMH:

    Kits SMH does not need to collect, they are immediately ready for installation inside the pipe. The use of heating cables for internal installation may not cause damage to the pipeline or changes in water quality.

    Ready-made kits for heating pipes assembled from quality components. Included is a wire with a plug and seal. Semiconductor matrix is made by technology Heatus. In the range of “Avarita” ready-to sets of different lengths, allowing you to choose a heating system that is optimal for your task.

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