The brutal murder of a Russian teenager in America shocked the public

Зверское убийство русского подростка в Америке шокировало общественность 18-year-old Artyom Ziberov and his friend, 17-year-old Shadi ADI Najjar, was tragically killed on Monday, the day before prom. Young people were shot in a quiet area of Montgomery village. Relatives and friends of the young men struck by the tragedy that suddenly ended their lives.
Зверское убийство русского подростка в Америке шокировало общественность

On Monday, two teenagers – 18-year-old Artyom Ziberov and 17-year-old Shadi ADI Najjar – were found dead in the us state of Maryland. The bodies of young men with bullet wounds were found in a parked Honda Civic with the engine running. A surveillance camera located in the vicinity of the place of occurrence, recorded the sound of gunfire, which, according to preliminary data, was about twenty.

One of the witnesses told police that have never seen the car with the young people in the area where the tragedy occurred.

“I looked out the window, when he heard the shots. I saw a car standing with its lights on and a broken rear window,” said witness American journalists.

Later it turned out that one of the dead teenagers – Artyom Ziberov – was a citizen of Russia. The young man lived in the suburbs of Washington with his mother and stepfather. Loved ones made a decision to carry the body of Artem in Moscow, where the father of the victim and his relatives. 8 Jun Artem Sibarova would have turned 19 years old. Shadi ADI Najjar was his classmate.

The tragedy occurred on the eve of the prom. Ziberov finished the 12th grade of the local school and were preparing to go to Washington. The mother of a teenager shocked by what happened, Tom was her only son. According to Julia, Teolo, her son had good behavior and have not experienced problems with the study. Ziberov of not only secondary education, but also worked on the program “Sector”, and kept the car. In the future, the guy was going to study at the University of Maryland.

Зверское убийство русского подростка в Америке шокировало общественность

On that fateful day, as told by his mother this morning visited the ceremony at school, then talked with friends, then had dinner at home. Then the young man came with his friend, ADI. “He is a Muslim, I know nothing about him and only saw him once,” said the woman. She invited the teenagers to sit in the house, but they refused and left Shadi. Night Julia several times dialed the number, Artem, but he did not answer and did not call back. Excited mother began to think about the worst. At 03:45, she was contacted by police and warned about the visit. “Arrived at 04:00, went into the house, told my son and his friend were killed a few hours ago. How to live with it now, I don’t know, this is my only son,” says the mother of the victim, heartbroken.

According to the mother of the deceased, investigators have not yet shared with her their assumptions. Conversing with correspondents, Julia could not hold back emotions.

“The only thing they said it was most likely not just like that. Just 22 bullets do not put. It’s some kind of lesson, or they were accidentally… a Similar car in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was not at the intersection, as written in the Russian news, and in a quiet area of Montgomery village. I haven’t been there,” shared the mother of Artyom.

During the conversation with journalists, Revelou also admitted that in recent weeks her son was worried. “He told me that is very worried about how to pay for car, insurance for a trip to Moscow in July. He never talked about it. Last time he said “I’m very worried,” said the woman.

Yesterday in Washington held a memorial service for Saburovu. According to the rector of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist father Victor Potapov, he was talking to the mother of the murdered teenager. As reported by the priest, nothing boded ill: Artem made a very good impression and fond of study.

“The boy was eminently decent, graduated from high school with honors, was to get a degree and wanted to study at the University of Maryland to study international Affairs. He owned three languages and was friends with the right people,” said Potapov.

A murder investigation Sibarova and ADI Najjar is engaged in the local police. It is known that law enforcement officers announced a reward of ten thousand dollars for information which will help to find the criminals.

When writing article materials used RT and RIA “Novosti”.