The British honored the memory of deceased 20 years ago of Princess Diana

Британцы почтили память погибшей 20 лет назад принцессы Дианы Lady Di died in a car crash on 31 August 1997. However, many people in the UK still remember the kindness, compassion and incredible smile of Princess Diana. Prince William and Prince Harry visited the White garden in honor of the mother at Kensington Palace.
Британцы почтили память погибшей 20 лет назад принцессы Дианы

Exactly 20 years ago on August 31 has not become one of the most popular women in the world – Princess Diana. Mother of William and Harry died in a car accident, which occurred in Paris, near the Alma bridge.

On the eve of the princes William and Harry visited the White garden in the UK to honour the memory of his mother and paying tribute to her life and work. During the visit of the heir to the British crown, it was raining. In the Network appeared the photographs of the members of the Royal family, who were dressed in classic style – pants in dark colors, blazers and white shirts. Kate Middleton chose a long dress of a famous brand featuring a floral print. The Duchess of Cambridge complements its image of boats powdery color.

Just the British also remember lady Di, which is not in vain called one of the people’s princesses of the country. Decades after her death, many brought to the gates of White garden flowers and photos of the former wife of the heir to Queen Elizabeth II. Diana Spencer remains in the hearts of the subjects of the United Kingdom.

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Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace announced that the official events related to the anniversary of the death of Diana Spencer, will not.

Recall that the ex-wife of Prince Charles was buried in the family estate of the Spencers in Northamptonshire Althorp, on a secluded island. In April this year in memory of lady Di at the walls of Kensington Palace in London has opened a floral arrangement, which consists of twelve thousand tulips, daffodils and hyacinths light shade, planted around the perimeter of the pond in the middle of the in-Depth garden, which on this occasion was renamed White.

The main Kensington Palace gardener Sean Harkin told reporters that he prepared the exhibit for about a year. He also expressed hope that the garden will give “the energy and the spirit that made the Princess so popular figure around the world.” The entrance to the memorial is free.

Previously on “Russia 1” showed the documentary “Diana: the story of her words,” based on the revelations of the Princess recorded by her teacher at the oratory. On Saturday, September 2, on the First channel will premiere of the painting “Diana is our mother” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the death of the former wife of Charles Wales. In this tape are the interviews with the people who knew Diana, and new archival materials.