Британцы пытаются понять, что происходит с Кейт Миддлтон Royalty looks tired and exhausted. The last time Kate Middleton went out in the company of her husband in the middle of June. Some believe that the relationship of Prince William and his wife came disorder.

      Британцы пытаются понять, что происходит с Кейт Миддлтон

      The attention of the British confined to Kate Middleton. 34-year-old Duchess of Cambridge looks on as before. In public she appears alone, without a spouse William, who is constantly busy at work. In addition, fans noted that the wife of the future king looks exhausted, like she went through a difficult period in life. Experts discuss the anorexic figure of a star. Nutritionists believe that Kate has an obvious shortage of weight.

      Just the British sympathize Middleton in social networks. Many of them believe that unhealthy thinness Kate stems from the fact that lately she almost never sees her husband. The couple hasn’t appeared together in public.

      Prince William is very busy with his main professional activities, he works as a pilot of the medical aviation saving people’s lives. In addition, the Royal heir preparing to take the throne, he delves into the activities of the Queen. Besides, William is involved in many charity projects, which also takes a lot of time.

      Kate Middleton risks repeating the fate of Princess Diana

      In addition, it argued that the grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II is in no hurry to move away from his former lover, whose name is Jessica Craig. Pair familiar from childhood. In his youth, William and Jessica felt each other romantic feelings. Later the Prince even introduced his wife with ex-lover. However, evil tongues say that William can continue to communicate with Craig, because his feelings for her are not entirely extinguished.

      Британцы пытаются понять, что происходит с Кейт Миддлтон

      In the end, the mother of two children goes, we can say that the double burden. First, Kate is mentally hard to be in constant view of the Royal family watching her every move. Secondly, she has been left virtually alone to raise the young Princess Charlotte and Prince George. William rarely at home. Besides, he is very spoil children. At the same time, according to Kate, the kids are growing active and mobile, they are constantly needed to keep his eyes open.

      Meanwhile, the Middleton tries not to show his true emotions in public. To tricky questions she has long since learned to laugh it off. So, on the tea ceremony in the Indian Delhi, arranged on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Queen of England, she managed to avoid answering the true cause of its thinness.

      One of the guests of the occasion, Professor of political science, took the initiative and allowed myself to ask how a senior lady managed to keep a slim figure after the birth of two children – George and Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t hesitate even for a second. “I just run after my kids,” she said with a smile.

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