The British 44-th size not allowed in the club due to the weight

Британку 44-го размера не пустили в клуб из-за веса

Face control found 20-year-old girl is too full and was barred from entering the school.

Bobby Joe goldsmith had planned to celebrate his birthday at Libertine – one of night clubs of London. The girl had pre-booked a table for your company, and what was her surprise when the prison authorities refused her at the entrance, saying that she and her friends do not meet the club’s values about appearance, and they are all too thick!

“They just looked down on us and said we are too big. Such things should not happen in the twenty-first century, when the yard in 2016,” shared Bobby my disappointment with British journalists.

The scandal was made public an open letter to moms girls Deborah Kerr.

A woman posted on his page in Facebook photo of my daughter and wrote an angry post in which he called on the community networks to advocate against such discrimination and to make employees of the club to apologize to Bobby Joe. More than 20 thousand people have supported Deborah in the end, her letter got to the media.

When this blatant case written by leading English newspaper, the members of the club still made contact and stated that nothing of the kind mentioned, they welcome visitors of all shapes and sizes. Bobby and company have not missed just because that night the school had about 500 guests and 119 wish they had to refuse, because the club is full. How come that you booked in advance a table was busy, the institution explained.

Deborah and Bobby explanations are not staged, especially since the girls there are witnesses who heard the officers face control explained to her that the promoter has instructed them to pass only high skinny Hotties with a body of real French, and Bobby and company (by the way, she is 10 gauge, that is, of the 44th, and is a cheerleader in a local band) do not meet these standards.

Of course, Bobby found another club where they could celebrate a birthday, but the holiday was ruined and she and her mother are not going to back down and let others affected by discrimination to join them and boycott the club.

And how do you behave when faced with injustice?

  • Try not to react. You need to be above this
  • Bring the offender to a dialogue. Only in a relaxed conversation, you can explain your point of view
  • Express their dissatisfaction with words and leave. And then just try to forget about the unpleasant incident
  • I am ashamed to say, sometimes throwing punches
  • If there is no agreement in place, appeal to a higher authority. And in the media, if required
  • Go to a lawyer
  • Other (write in comments)