The brightest participants of “Eurovision-2018”

Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018» “StarHit” to find out who is the favorite vocal competition. The final event will take place may 12. Meanwhile, on the eve of the semi-finals, the bookies are taking bets on the results of performances of the most unusual and talented artists from around the world.
Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

Eurovision continues to be one of the most popular singing contests in the world. Every year, dozens of talented artists are trying to show all that capable, before an audience of millions. In 2018, will take the stage several bright singers, each of whom could win. “StarHit” found who prefer bookmakers and fans of betting and why.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

The participant from our country had to go to the competition in 2017, but then because of the conflict with Ukraine, on whose territory the event took place, Russia has decided not to participate in “Eurovision”. In the end, Julia went to Lisbon to represent the song I Won’t Break.

Contest composition Samoilova caused a lot of controversy, but the participant regarded as the favorite of “Eurovision”. For girls invented a special room so that her wheelchair will be almost invisible. Judging by the staff with rehearsals, Julia will sit on a elaborate copy of the volcano, the scene will support a dance troupe.

However, before you act on may 12, the girl will have to qualify in the second semifinal. She Samoilov seems to be no doubt of success, because it has long years of dreaming about participating in the contest and prepared.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

The undoubted favorite of “Eurovision-2018” is a singer from Israel. 25-year-old singer will present on court of audience composition windup Toy. Bright song has already become a hit, and the clip on it had been viewed over 19 million times.

Many experts believe that the reason for the incredible popularity of Netty lies in her unusual appearance. Girl with appetizing forms do not hesitate its completeness. On the contrary, she claims that by using their own creativity is trying to expand the frontiers of possibility for every modern artist. About barzilay repeatedly reported in Instagram.

“This Tuesday evening that I first saw with my own eyes the incredible support of his people. It turned out that 30 thousand people screaming my name and singing to me when I sang the song Toy. I remained silent and trembling from the realization that Israel made a huge step to accepting the diversity of people living in the modern world,” wrote recently, the net social network.
Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

One cannot deny the originality of the sound of the composition. Earlier the net had stressed that with this work I wanted to Express support to women victims of violence. The songwriters have tried to do everything, to fully unleash the creative potential of the Israeli diva and invest in every line a special meaning.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

Nikita Alexeev does not need any introduction, because of the composition artist for a couple of years are very popular in many CIS countries, including Russia. This year young people will represent Belarus with the song Forever.

According to bookmakers, Nikita will be able to compete for a place in the top ten. His lyrical composition is relished by many viewers.

Russian fans song Forever may seem very familiar. Almost a year before the performance at “Eurovision” young man recorded the song “Forever,” which after adapted to the European smash hit Forever. By the way, during preparation for a competition Nikita managed to befriend another favourite is Alexander Rybak. The latter even recorded a cover of lyrical opus PAL.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

Another artist, able to fight for the victory in the contest. Moreover, Alexander Rybak had once won the “Eurovision”. This time 32-year-old musician will present the song called That’s How You Write A Song (“Here’s how to write songs”).

The playful song has become the unanimous leader during the Norwegian selection for Eurovision. The Fisherman underlines that wants to participate in the competition not because of the ambitious impulses, and for the sake of beloved fans. He does not get tired to thank them for their support and attention to his work.

“Once again understand that I have the best fans in the world. I see how cruel people can be online. But it’s certainly not about you. My fans show sporting behaviour and the only comment my work, not offending others. You really inspire me to new achievements”, – said Alexander on Instagram.
Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

At the moment, fans of the contest to appreciate the chances of a Fisherman in the victory. They believe that young people can take place in the top three. However, still the furor, despite the bright room, he repeat is unlikely.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

22-year-old Mikolas spent quite a long time modeling career. He appeared on the shows of many famous brands, but in the end refused the role of male model, as he was not happy with my place in this business.

Soon the artist began work on the first album. Just a couple of years Joseph has managed to become one of the most popular artists in the country.

His incendiary composition with elements of jazz Lie To Me has already become a hit in Europe. The Mykolas surprised the organizers of the contest that was going to speak with a live camel. However, at the stage of “Eurovision” can’t go out with the animals – according to the rules, so Joseph would have to settle for a 3D model of a camel.

By the way, during a rehearsal Mykolas so diligently followed all the dance moves that managed to damage the back. This he announced on the page in Instagram. However, even this sad circumstance could not stop the ambitious artist. He definitely intends to perform at Eurovision and the bookies predict his place in the top three.


Самые яркие участники «Евровидения-2018»

EQUINOX group has declared the dark and odious participants of the upcoming “Eurovision”. This can be judged by the title of their song Bones (“Bones”), which has the following lines: “What is life in the earthly context? Only flesh and bones.”

Judging by the photos from the rehearsal room of the Bulgarians will be as gloomy as the content of their compositions. However, this did not prevent bookmakers to appreciate the chances of the team. Now they promise to place in the top five, although some analysts point out that a sad song can play havoc with EQUINOX.

Anyway, the home team enjoys great popularity.


Nechaeva Elina is originally from Tallinn, many fans of the contest she will be remembered not for its composition and number. The fact that especially for girls stitched dress with heavy skirt with a value of 65 thousand euros, which on the surface appear video. Recall that such outfits have already used during performances Jennifer Lopez (during the filming of American Idol) and Polina Gagarina (“Eurovision-2015”).

Composition Elina La Forza is a lyrical ballad. The artist has long studied academic singing, so the song is more reminiscent of the Opera party. Anyway, an army of fans in Nechaeva huge. Her number for the “Eurovision” in the YouTube was viewed more than two million times.