The bride’s relatives Prince Harry prevented her from entering the Royal family

Родственники невесты принца Гарри мешают ей войти в королевскую семью They are doing everything possible to the engagement of the actress with the heir to the throne did not take place. Niece girl writes a book about her revelations, and my brother has problems with the law and does not hesitate to advertise.
Родственники невесты принца Гарри мешают ей войти в королевскую семью

At the end of April, the journalists dug up personal records Noel Rasmussen – daughter of sister Megan’s father. And found the lady composed a questionnaire for joining the party, which she intends to create when the age let them.

“Trust me and accept me as the leader of the Third Nazi organization, – says the Declaration signed by Noel Hitler. – You will be treated with respect, none of the not-Nazis won’t bother you. I’ll take care of it”.

As 18-year-old girl going alone to ensure the associates “respect and protect”, it is clear from her letter… the devil. Noel says that has sold his soul, but since world domination is delayed for at least three years, she would like to have in advance of your eternal devotion best friend.

Not to the court

Recording Noel, most likely, gave reporters her mother, Samantha Grant, very concerned that the child turned his room into a Museum of fascism. 52-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, gave up the idea to re-educate the daughter on their own, because it makes Noel “bouts of uncontrollable aggression.”

It would seem, than the cockroaches in the head not too cousin Meghan Markle can prevent American actress to become the wife of the British Prince? However, Buckingham Palace is concerned about the size of these cockroaches and the direction in which they run.

Родственники невесты принца Гарри мешают ей войти в королевскую семью

“The Royal family will not allow any associations with Nazism or Satanism,” explained the source. With the devil Queen and her husband personally did not face, but about Nazism have the most clear view. During the Second world war, the Duke of Edinburgh served in the Navy, and Elizabeth was a mechanic-driver in the Women’s auxiliary corps.

This statement greatly pleased with Samantha Grant, which killed two birds with one stone – drew attention to the problems of his daughter and once again hurt the hated sister. Samantha began performing with the “revelations” Megan as soon as the world found out about the affair of the actress with Prince Harry. Grant was accused Markle that she is not helping the poverty-stricken family, called “narrow-minded, conceited, and immature.”

Recently Samantha has decided that this is not enough, and sat down to write the book “Diary of sister Princess Nahalka”. Her father’s daughter Megan from her first marriage claims that raised her younger sister for 12 years, and the actress left her alone with a serious illness that no interference to climb the social ladder. In this situation, Megan suddenly stood up, the mother of Samantha.

“Sam tried for years to take revenge on Megan for her success, – said 71-year-old woman who for many years did not communicate with his daughter. – And now she has a chance to earn it. All Sam says about Megan, is a lie”.
Родственники невесты принца Гарри мешают ей войти в королевскую семью


Samantha and Noel aren’t the only people, the relationship with which Megan would like to remove from your DNA. In January this year, her 50-year-old brother Thomas Markle, Jr., a glazier by trade, was arrested in Oregon. During a drunken domestic dispute he put the head of his girlfriend Darlene’s gun. For a year, and even with the use of illegally purchased weapons in the state can lock up for up to six years. However, while the court Yes business, Thomas has been behind bars for only one night, and this morning was out on bail, who made his ex-wife.

“The gun was not loaded, explained Thomas, who before the incident resulted in combat readiness through rum, vodka and beer. – I made a big mistake, but people do make mistakes. Out Prince Harry in his time is also decently done, but then straightened. And I can do it! Last thing I needed was to spoil relations Megan with the Royal family. I believe that it is destined to be with Harry, and would love to come to the wedding if I was allowed”.

It is unlikely. In light of the above events, Harry is not eager to meet the family Megan. His concerns can be understood, even under the condition that the actress wants to introduce the beloved mother and father, leaving behind alcoholic brother, sister-snake and half-witted niece. However, to shake the hand of the bride, the groom will have to go to Mexico, where he is hiding from creditors.

“Megan hate that Harry dodges Dating – say friends of the actress. – For a five-minute meeting with his grandmother Megan a few days memorizing the rules of Palace etiquette, and Harry, you see, can’t spend an hour on her family. Secretaries find him on urgent business whenever Megan invites him to have lunch with my mom.”

Despite the fact that no one in the Palace does not want to see this company in relationship with the Royal family, Megan calmly continues to prepare for the engagement. She shut down your blog tips, has announced the completion time acting career after the series “Force majeure” and learns to behave like a king in waiting diamond rings Princess Diana.

“Megan is not happy from the behavior of friends – say her friends. – Especially she is concerned about the book Samantha. But relatives do not choose. They are what they are, and Megan has nothing to do with it. She tries to keep calm and to draw strength from the love of Harry”.