The bride Vadim Kazachenko has accused his ex-wife in a lie

Невеста Вадима Казаченко уличила его экс-супругу во лжи Irina Amanti is not going to endure the accusations. A couple of weeks ago the ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko Olga for the first time became a mother. Ex-wife of singer not informed him about such an important event.

      Before it became known that the ex-wife of singer Vadim Kozachenko Olga for the first time became a mother. Her counsel Kate Gordon reported that the artist has not shown the participation in the life of a baby boy asked about the condition of the woman after childbirth and the health of the child. However, the bride of the musician and its Director Irina Amanti and Vadim himself deeply outraged by this statement and do not intend to tolerate false accusations against Kozachenko. According to darling-popular artist, Olga spreading false charges against them, without thinking about the consequences. Irina rarely makes statements in the press, but “StarHit” and told how it really is.

      “Katya and Olga Vadim is accused of is that he made me an offer of marriage over the weekend, when a woman gave birth to a child. It’s all a blatant lie! We found out that the child was born on March 10, two weeks ago. But the most terrible that the accused Kozachenko is that it allegedly ignores the ex-wife. And she’s not even told him that he gave birth to! How so? Even SMS is not sent. Olga, who thinks that Vadim is the child’s father, he didn’t say a word about the fact that the baby was born. Still we don’t know the sex of the baby, only to realize that it’s a boy by the photos of social networks, his weight, height and even the exact date of birth. So attempts to slander us and blame that Vadim proposed to me at the time when Olga gave birth to a child, is absolutely unfounded.

      Let’s start with the fact that my friend, designer Galiya Akhmatova, who organized the show, invited me to participate in this March 15, three days prior to the event spontaneously. That day, Vadim was on tour in St. Petersburg, which is easy to check. I even could not immediately confirm their participation. Only the arrival of Peter we went for a fitting to Galiya, who chose the outfit for me from the collection of wedding dresses. Its the Bridal show on March 18 was attended by quite a lot of stars, and I’m not alone – this is more proof that I’m not on the podium in spite of Olga. I have every right to live their lives without regard to the fact that the baby, who was born 10 March at that time was for eight days.

      All the vile accusations that I made an offer hands and hearts during childbirth Olga is a blatant lie. Vadim asked me not to marry in order not to register (according to Gordon) kid, but only at the behest of the heart. The baby was born, he has his own destiny, and we can now live each day to commensurate with them and to look at what he or she was born, that Vadim needs to forget about yourself and everything around you. And another thing: never Vadim did not say that he abandons his own kid! Not satisfied, Katya, dancing on the bones. The whole country during the broadcast of the program “Let them talk” heard that Kazachenko, in the case that it’s his child, will be happy to help him both financially and to participate in his upbringing,” said Amanti.

      Irina was disappointed in Olga and Kate who say they want to solve everything peacefully, but they endlessly attack the media. Amanti especially emphasized that they did not want any scandal, unlike the ex-wife Kazachenko, which is trying to denigrate ex-wife and his Director. Irina said that she is accused of the decay of the family of Vadim and Olga. The Director said that for 13 years she lived in a civil marriage with the artist.

      “After a while Vadim fell in love with Olga and our relationship went wrong. All those two years that they were married, I worked as the Director and helped him in work and life. But as the woman walked away. He quickly woke up. Vadim believes that he had the temerity to marry someone who will now manipulate the child. But would a normal mother do that? Why Gordon allows himself the thought that if Vadim and Irina were married, it could affect the registration of the baby? Regardless of the status of the artist, Olga no obstacle to do the birth certificate and to write down the name of the father,” says Amanti.

      Director Vadim Kazachenko said they filed an appeal after Olga and Kate challenged the previous court decision declaring marriage a sham artist. Despite the fact that the singer had intended to do a DNA test to find out for sure whether he is the father of a newborn baby, is now the representative of the musician said that they will act only within the law.

      “On examination we go exclusively by the court. I am surprised that for two weeks, the child lives without papers, and mom didn’t even bother to tell us about his birth Vadim, whom she considers a father – continues Amanti. – Why did she then lay in the hospital under her maiden name – Martynov – if she considers herself still the wife of the singer? And why went to a private clinic and not at the place of residence, if it is so hard financially. By the way, she still was in my apartment. The fact that when she bought the land on the ruble, it was found that there is impossible to register. Then she turned to Kozachenko with a request to register in his apartment. He went for it”.

      Irina Amanti is outraged that her accused that Olga was left without a husband. “This story of its personal, which to me has not the slightest relationship. I was the first who came to the Vadim in September last year and said that they manipulated the pregnant at the time wife,” recalled Irina.

      Director Vadim Kazachenko considers that a woman is specifically trying to put her in a bad light to her were sympathetic. “Katya Gordon no documents on hand, Vadim didn’t break the law. He has every right to marry me, and Kate let him first sort out his life”, – said Irina.