The bride Vadim Kazachenko about his divorce: “All this is fine, creepy and sad!”

Невеста Вадима Казаченко о его разводе: «Всё это мелко, жутко и печально!»
The artist intends to sue the former spouse.

Невеста Вадима Казаченко о его разводе: «Всё это мелко, жутко и печально!»

Olga Kozachenko

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Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti

Photo: Olga Loskutova

It seems that the scandal between Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife Olga in the next couple of months will only gain momentum. Which became not so long ago mom and ex-wife of the artist, announced today in social networks, the singer sued her for a total of 10 lawsuits in the court of the proceedings which probably will drag on for a long time.

“Ten claims from Mr. Kozachenko to me it is not enough! The adult is a respected man decided to communicate with me in social networks, where no end complains that I bully and threatens me in this regard, financial issues, and “cares” for the baby that wanted to get rid of, — says Olga. — Well, I’ll ask him then asking for the business, not with the moaning about harassment, etc: Vadik, me tomorrow to the MFC need your passport to get an allowance of fifteen thousand roubles, as you claim that to pay me you will not. For us a child is very important!”

At the same time, Vadim has stated that it will not recognize the unborn child as its before the holding of the DNA test. Moreover, recently it became known that he was preparing for the wedding with his Director — Irina Amanti. The couple planned a small wedding. Amanti admits he does not want to spend money on the celebration.

Recall that in late January, entered into force court decision on that marriage Kozachenko Olga was invalid. However, the former wife filed a petition for review of the decision on annulment. Amanti also comments on the family life of his ward in an interview with the show “You wouldn’t believe!”: “She managed to marry him. Found to it the approach! Got him in two weeks. And do not lie and tell people stories about Tiffany rings. All this is fine, creepy and sad! I am very ashamed today, and I like a woman I reproach myself that I at that moment didn’t approach. If I knew at that moment that would be the final then, believe me, I would have done anything not to be!”