Невесте Тимати грозит суд? Анастасия Решетова попала в эпицентр скандала
The beloved Timothy was faced with trying to discredit.

Photo: @volkonskaya.reshetova Instagram

Anastasia Reshetova some time ago went into business. Beloved Timati opened her own beauty salon which is very popular among residents of the capital. Recently, the reputation of Anastasia was cast a shadow.

In social networks spread the message, allegedly written by one of the clients of the beauty salon. In it the girl reported that during a manicure that she brought the infection. Consequently she had surgery. “The master during the procedure boasted that she taught. I had cut three fingers. Poorly coated. Gave me a staph infection. After a few days the finger became inflamed and with a sharp pain I went to the surgeon,” writes the client in social networks. She said she plans to file a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office, as the interior Anastasia refused to compensate the expenses for treatment.

Reshetova holds a very different version. She is sure that the client is declared infected, wants to become famous on the PR. She issued a denial of accusations against her beauty.

“While they are engaged in spreading false information and trying to prevent the success of the salon, we continue to work and properly follow all standards, providing quality control services. Thanks further, pazgovarivali people complaining and writing me negative reviews. Those who were with us, really realize that it all registered a provocation. In themselves and their team, we are confident, because this kind of business requires great attention and responsibility. I think the appropriate, thoughtful people all understand,” — commented on the incident Reshetova.