The bride Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko talking about pregnancy

Невеста Тарасова Анастасия Костенко заговорила о беременности Beloved of the famous football player is not afraid to become a mother and devote himself to the family. The girl admitted that she loves to cook, she often cleans the house and future plans to have children from the man of her dreams.
Невеста Тарасова Анастасия Костенко заговорила о беременности

Anastasia Kostenko rarely confessed about his personal life. Dmitry Tarasov hid for a long time relationship with a young model, but now the girl drawn everyone’s attention. Judging by a recent interview with the sweetheart of a footballer, she is not afraid to dedicate myself to family relations.

“I love to cook! I see this format of family in which its members always eat together at home”, – confessed the girl.

Now Anastasia is building a career as a model, simultaneously receiving education in one of Moscow universities. Dmitry Tarasov never ceases to delight girlfriend nice gifts, proving the sincerity of his feelings. The seriousness of the player’s became more apparent once he introduced the beloved daughter from his first marriage.

In addition to cooking, Kostenko likes to do and cleaning. “I’m not a summer person, myself doing everything around the house,” – emphasizes the model in an interview.

Let’s remind, Anastasia and Dimitri finish the repair in a four-storey house in the suburbs, which the player bought back in marriage with Olga Buzova. The new mistress of apartment admitted that much has altered in the mansion.

“We completely changed the design of the house from the inside. Everything changed in a color tone in the furniture plan. For me it is very important to create comfort, because the family needs to feel at home comfortable”, – says the model.

After the couple officially confirmed their relationship on Instagram models began to appear pictures with the athlete. She recently did and posted the picture, which was captured in the background of a luxury car. “Dreams come true”, a signed photograph of Anastasia. Fans immediately concluded that a foreign car Kostenko received a gift from a generous lover.

In his interview, the girl also touched on the theme of motherhood. According to lady Tarasova, pregnancy is sure to be a welcome for her. Recall, many fans of Dmitry confident that his marriage with Olga Buzova collapsed because of lack of heirs and the tremendous employment of the presenter. Apparently, the new passion of the player of Russian national Team on football in the first place in the list of priorities in life puts family first, not career.