Невесты открыли охоту на баснословно богатого потомка Пушкина Hugh Grosvenor became the youngest billionaire in Britain. The father of 25-year-old great-great-great-great-grandson of Alexander suddenly died. The young man had inherited a huge fortune.

      Невесты открыли охоту на баснословно богатого потомка Пушкина

      On the eve of Britain had spread the sad news – August 9, has suddenly died one of the richest people in the country, a friend of Prince Charles, the Duke of Westminster. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor was only 64 years old. “With the greatest sadness that we can confirm that the Duke is Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor died in the afternoon at the Royal Preston hospital,” says an official statement.

      Everyone’s attention is now riveted to the Duke’s son, 25-year-old Hugh Grosvenor. About a young man spoke, without exaggeration, the whole world. The fact that on my mother’s side he is the great-great-great-great-grandson of Alexander Pushkin. At the time, the great-granddaughter of the great Russian writer Anastasia married a diamond magnate Harold Werner and became one of the richest ladies in Britain. And her granddaughter Natalia is the mother of Hugh. So, a young man with very prominent roots.

      Невесты открыли охоту на баснословно богатого потомка Пушкина

      However, of particular interest to prospective brides young Grosvenor is his legacy, which is estimated at more than 9 billion pounds. Fabulous riches Hugh will share with three sisters, but under British law he will get the biggest part. Thus, in 25 years the young man will become the new Duke of Westminster and the youngest billionaire in the UK.

      Interestingly, the mother of Hugh Natalia Grosvenor for many years was a close friend of Princess Diana and the godmother heir to the British throne Prince William. Needless to say that the Royal children with hard childhood friends with the son of Grosvenor. Therefore, it is not surprising that when Prince William and Kate Middleton was born first George, that Hugh was asked to be the godfather of the boy.

      It turns out that, in a way, the young Duke is not only a descendant of Alexander Pushkin, but also have a spiritual mentor future successor to the British throne. By the way, Hugh and looks good. It is not surprising that in Britain it started a real hunt. Potential brides are doing all that the young man drew attention to them. However, according to media reports, Grosvenori made every effort to make your personal life their son remained a mystery. In British high society decided not to expose details of love Affairs, so it is still unknown, is the heart of the occupied such an enviable groom.

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