The bride of Robert Pattinson podlovili with the handsome Frenchman

Невесту Роберта Паттинсона подловли с красавчиком французом
FKA Twigs took revenge on his fiancé.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twings


This week Robert Pattinson and his bride
Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs, has puzzled his fans. Although the couple officially
engaged and, like all thought, is planning to get married, and Robert and Waist seem
mated with other partners.

Yesterday, the paparazzi caught the Waist, which
currently resting in Ibiza, in the company of extremely attractive high
young man. Later it identified the popular French character – Brieuc Breitenstein making a successful career
in the modeling business. On the streets, which the couple wandered
streets holding hands, they never kissed. But, from time to time, stopped and looked at each other with loving eyes, and he caressed
her on the head. And in the evening, dressed in more elegant clothes, and her Waist
the gentleman went to a night club.

It seems that the actions of Barnett steel “retaliatory action”
the behavior of Robert. After last weekend at the restaurant, the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood
witnessed a romantic dinner Pattinson and Katy Perry. Really
the thing is, Pattinson and Perry have known each other for a very long time. In 2013, when Robert still
met with Kristen
Stuart, they even suspected the affair. Appearing together on
the wedding of one of their mutual friends, Pattinson and Perry naked
flirted with each other. Perry even had time to write Kristen a letter
apologies, what Katie said in one of his interviews.

Since then, Katie
managed to survive an affair with Orlando bloom. And Robert
began a serious relationship with Barnett, which Pattinson got engaged in March
2015. However, in a recent interview, he allowed himself a strange phrase.
Robert said that “sort of engaged with the Waist”. And it was absolutely
not like words of a lover…

As it is now Pattinson
will react to the flirting behavior of his bride is not yet clear. But their relationship,
apparently, really is facing a serious crisis.