Невеста Прохора Шаляпина изменяет ему с фитнес-тренером Bystanders captured it all on camera. The choice of Prokhor Chaliapin did not hide sympathies to the young man. In late January, Tatiana Gouzeva received an offer of marriage from the singer, but did not give a definitive answer.
Невеста Прохора Шаляпина изменяет ему с фитнес-тренером

In late November of last year it became known that the graduate of “factory of stars” Prokhor Chaliapin in love with Tatiana Guzeva. The man tried to keep the affair from prying eyes, but because for a long time did not say anything about a new relationship. When he dared to talk about their feelings, Prokhorov and Tanya become parties to the numerous talk shows.

Prochorus was fascinated by the fact that Tatyana does not apply to the world of show business. She is an excellent cook and is not seeking publicity. However, recently a girl of Prokhor Chaliapin caught in the arms of a fitness trainer. The incident occurred in the capital’s sports club, where young people are enthusiastically involved in sports and… each other. According to witnesses, a blue-eyed blond Sergey Fighters throughout the workout did not hide his passion for the girl and she answered him in return. The man even allowed himself to kiss at the time, while she practiced on the simulator, and in the end they said goodbye, imprisoning each other in a hot embrace.

Невеста Прохора Шаляпина изменяет ему с фитнес-тренером

In January of this year, Prokhorov made an offer of marriage to his beloved. He knew that met a beautiful girl that wanted to spend the rest of my life. Despite the passion of Chaliapin, Guzeva while thinking. It stops what mother against a potential son-in-law. Tatyana took the ring from the singer, but not to hurry with the answer.

As it turned out, the mother of lady Prochorus worried about daughter. It is alarming notoriety of a man – his marriage with Larisa Kopenkina, a failed wedding with Anna Kalashnikova. She is afraid that he will hurt Tatiana.

“If he breaks your heart, break her. There is no guarantee that he will live and never leave her, and she will remain with psychological trauma,” said Valentine Vasilevna in one of the shows.

Moreover, mother Guzeevoy wants to see the daughter of a wealthy man. Tatiana has a daughter, Olga. However, the education of girls engaged grandmother, while the woman built a personal life. As it turned out, the civilian spouse who did a DNA test proved that the child was not born from him. The choice of Prokhor Chaliapin not upset the discovery of new facts, “it is her didn’t even care”. Became known scandalous details of the past brides of Prokhor Chaliapin