The bride of Prokhor Chaliapin exposed the lie detector

Невесту Прохора Шаляпина разоблачили на детекторе лжи Tatiana Guzeva met with former civil husband Vladimir Chernykh, who was involved in the upbringing of her daughter. In the program “really” ex-lover blondes unveiled a new scandalous facts from her past.
Невесту Прохора Шаляпина разоблачили на детекторе лжи

Another program “actually” was dedicated to the bride of Prokhor Chaliapin Tatiana Guzeevoy. In one of the previous editions of the TV show revealed that the young woman was concealed from the artist some facts from the past. As it turned out, she was hiding from the suitor your age, and cheated on ex-wife.

Became known scandalous details of the past brides of Prokhor Chaliapin

In the new issue of the lie detector passed the former civil husband of Tatiana, Vladimir Chernykh, who has been with her for more than ten years. He demanded that the blonde passed the test, wanting to expose her.

“I came here to help you to properly build relationships without lies. It turns out that it should be done correctly initially. I believe that this transfer is for all men who need to be careful in relationships with women. We with Tatyana’s daughter Olga, and when she was two years old, the wife decides to conquer Moscow,” said Black.
Невесту Прохора Шаляпина разоблачили на детекторе лжи

Tatiana gathered her things and left the heir with relatives. According to Vladimir, the girl stayed with him while the blonde claimed that the baby was raised by her grandmother. After some time Black met Albina. The current darling of a man repeatedly hinted that he is raising someone else’s child.

In a result, Black had to do a DNA test. He showed that the daughter is not his own. “How could this happen?”– puzzled asked Tatiana presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

“That’s the way life is. To be honest, I didn’t think about it because I didn’t even care, not a bit. Yeah, he called me and said, “It’s not my daughter.” I said, “so what?”I have never clung to him and not to hang labels father. He didn’t raise a daughter, she lived with my parents,” tried to justify Guzeva.
Невесту Прохора Шаляпина разоблачили на детекторе лжи

As stated by Tatiana, she had “another man”. Was present in the Studio condemned the behavior of the blonde. Defensively, she stated that she did not like the Vladimir and not see in the act anything wrong. “I didn’t cheat,” said mistress Prokhor Chaliapin. It turned out that Black was not faithful – he’s had Affairs on the side. This was reported by Tatiana.

According to Hujaboy, Black is not a good father and once watered a little girl beer. The man denied that he had engaged in such things. After some time Tatiana took the heiress to Moscow.

Current wife of Vladimir Albina also appeared in the Studio program. She told me that Black was hiding from her the DNA results. The wife of the man learned of these studies only one year later.

Невесту Прохора Шаляпина разоблачили на детекторе лжи

Prokhor Chaliapin was present backstage from the beginning. The actor admitted that what is happening in the Studio was a surprise to him. The contractor did not think it would go this far. “Well what can I say. We are all hostages of their feelings. Tatiana seemed a completely different person. I’m not without sin in my life were also some ugly moments. Yes, there played out a scene that did not come up in the series. After the last programme I flew one, pondered and smykal his life”, – said Prokhor.

Some was present in the Studio smiled, hearing the speech Chaliapin. “How many in our country born children is not clear from whom? You have three kids before the first DNA. So you laugh at yourself,” he turned to the audience, the artist. According to Prokhorov, he has true feelings for Tatiana.

“I fell in love with this woman, she makes me well. I kind of knew something Tanya said. Her daughter Olga is a great girl, educated and interesting, beautiful. Of course, I’m a little discouraged, but I can’t say: “Tanya, your past solves everything.” No, I still have feelings for Tanya, although I didn’t hear that,” said Chaliapin.

Gozdawa did not deny that he wants to marry the singer. Polygraph examiners found that the blonde wasn’t cheating the artist. To the question if she is experiencing feelings for Prokhorov, the young woman replied in the affirmative. However, experts said that Tatiana is lying. However, Chaliapin is not ready to abandon Gostevoy after check on a polygraph.