Невеста принца Гарри призналась в своих тайных «грехах»
Meghan Markle said that she wished a New Year.

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle,
which in late September was the official bride of Prince Harry, has admitted
that it every December — New Years eve — promises to ourselves to change in your life. 36-year-old Megan
said: “Every year I give the same “oath”: to stop swearing,
to abandon the habit of nail biting to begin again to learn French!”

“I usually
refrain from “strong” expressions. This happens to me usually if I
very tired or allowed himself an extra glass of wine. As for the nails, such
happens to me most often when serious turbulence on the plane or when
I experience a lot of stress. However, this is not an excuse. Nail biting – a bad
a habit that does not befit a lady, and it is necessary to get rid of. However,
although every time I build detailed plans, I’m not too worried if they don’t
true. But most importantly, I believe, is thinking about the future, always leave
a place for magic, to be open to change!” — this recognition did
Markle’s eve 2017.

And, it seems,
her greatest desire fulfilled! After six months she met
Prince Harry! And not otherwise, as without magic it was not. They lived
not that in different countries and on different continents. And move in completely
various sectors of society. Their meeting took place because of the almost incredible
coincidences — they still found a common friend who decided that
Harry and Megan will fit together — and it did… Barely having met, the Prince and
Markle immediately started talking. They found a lot of common interests, and generally
made each other a better impression. And before you go
home, Harry asked Megan out on a date. So it all started…