The bride of Prince Harry ahead of the popularity of the Duchess Catherine

Невеста принца Гарри обгоняет по популярности герцогиню Кэтрин
In Britain, talking about “the effect of Meghan Markle”.

Невеста принца Гарри обгоняет по популярности герцогиню Кэтрин

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


the fashion industry were waiting: each of them hopes that his
clothes, bag, shoes or any accessory will be selected by the Prince’s bride
Harry for her public appearance. After all, such a choice is regarded as an incredible
good luck providing in the very near future an unprecedented flourishing business.

that any of the things I see on Megan Markle, guaranteed good sales,
it was noticed already some time ago. But after it was announced her
the engagement with Prince Harry, the scale of this phenomenon has increased many times over. Yet
record luck befell the manufacturer of the handbags, which Megan appeared
at its first official event with
Harry is in Nottingham. Batch of handbags valued at $ 675 was
sold out online in 11 seconds! Then
a queue of 3000 people – those she has not yet got, but they
certainly crave to become its owners. However, to get what they coveted thing
will not before the end of January. And,
it’s not limited to only this model — the firm, which previously knew far
not all that interested thousands of people around the world. The number of visitors to
web page increased a hundred times.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


The same thing happened with a white cloak, in which Markle was posing for a photo shoot on the occasion of engagement. About not too “hyped” canadian clothing Line The Label became known around the world for one day. Thousands of people now want to buy the same coats, but all available stock is sold out. Manufacturers are now going to start production of the new party, officially calling his model “Megan”.

Experts are already talking about the beneficial “effect of Meghan Markle” for the economy of Britain. In fact, the bride of the Prince repeated the same story, which at the time happened first with the Duchess Catherine, and then with her children . First wrote about the “Catherine effect” and “the George effect”, and “the effect of Charlotte” … and There was not in Britain the best advertising, than the fact that the clothes (or even shoes) appearing in public any of the trio. Even the blanket in which was wrapped the newborn George, once in a few hours.

However, the most Catherine to become the idol of the public took time — in fact, she appeared in the company of Prince William for 10 years before becoming his bride. And about the “Kate effect” it came only some time after her engagement with Prince. But Megan, as the girlfriend of Prince Harry have all learned only a year and a half ago. But Markle British public fell in love at first sight. Say, his charm and direct behavior, she reminded the British of another universal sweetheart — Princess Diana…