Невеста Ламара Одома отказывается выходить за него замуж!

The son of Lamar Odom initially broke the engagement of his father with Sabrina Parr and urged him not to tell him about it. Sabrina now says he won’t marry Lamar, until he will establish relations with his son.
The work of Sabrina Parr as a personal trainer in life is to help people achieve better results in life. Her fiance, 40-year-old Lamar Odom received a response from his son Lamar Odom Jr., who publicly commented on the issue of the engagement of his father with Sabrina, saying that his father never called to tell him, and he only found out about it on the Internet. 17-year-old Odom Jr. later deleted my angry post and instead wrote: “I was wounded and caught off guard. In the end, I’m a teenager who becomes a young man.” Now Sabrina says she’ll postpone the wedding until Lamar and son will not be on the path of reconciliation and improve relations.

Невеста Ламара Одома отказывается выходить за него замуж!
“Well, I, frankly, felt and understood both sides. I really understood where his son was having such angry feelings, and I do understand why Lamar didn’t tell him about us. Lamar didn’t tell anyone. He really wanted it to be a very mysterious moment, remaining between us, so I was absolutely shocked. I didn’t know that this happens,” Sabrina talks about his unexpected engagement to Lamar.

In the end, Lamar Jr. made contact with Sabrina and wanted to get together and talk with his future stepmother. “The young man wanted to sit with me at the negotiating table. What I was ready and said, “of Course.” So when it happened we were in Miami, and we just don’t have enough time. So it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m just waiting for Lamar to start this difficult conversation. They have a lot they need to talk and discuss, and this is only the beginning and the end, we will wait,” she says of the father and the son.
Sabrina says she will not marry Lamar, while he and his son are not on friendly terms. She knows that the son probably didn’t want to be near his father when he was still on drugs and he changed women like gloves, so they broke up. “Now, when he came out of this space, I’ll say, “you Have a really great guy, and you have to let the relationship “father-son” grow and develop”. My kids love it, the children of my friends love it. And I said Lamar: “You lose sight of the good guy, frustrated and resentful at him.” And I just said that it’s just my little tip for him,” says Sabrina.
“But I know that everything should happen in its own time, so I don’t want to be the initiator of something, like I’m in a hurry with the events. I’m literally ready to move the wedding for the time how long it takes, as long as they will not be in a really good atmosphere. And the space in which they want both to be and where they are happy to be part of the wedding”, — swears to Sabrina.

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