Невеста Гайдуляна прокомментировала расставание с актёром
Diana ochilova does not know how to live.

Andrew Hagolan with his wife Diana

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Ex-fiance of the star of the series “Univer” Andrew Giulana Diana ochilova shared with subscribers a personal blog your feelings about parting with a loved one.

“Opened my eyes and the first thing I thought, what’s next? says Diana, — where to start? Bezyshodnosti scary. Scared to leave the comfort zone and stability. You need to learn how to solve problems and to be ready for anything. Become stronger and not be afraid to descend into the real world. But something tells me that all will be well. Need a plan and adhere to it? Or just live and get what you have in store for destiny? Feel like a child who needs to learn to walk. Self — reliance is not about me, but life itself gives a kick to Wake up and start to live a new life”.

We will remind, recently the Internet has stirred up a shocking news: Andrew Hagolan and his bride Diana ochilova not together anymore. After Andrew recovered from cancer, once in love with each other decided to leave.
Andrew and I went to rest and recuperate in a resort, and Diana remained in Moscow. Still unknown, whose initiative there was a gap, however, Diana decided to tell fans about changes in his personal life.

“There was no limit of my happiness — to be with you and know that we’ve all been asked Diana to Andrew. Is the best thing that happened to me. But something broke we won. And all that remains for us is to let go of everything in infinity. I wish happiness to everyone. Fate is a bitch, and its not to beat. Hurt. But it is for the best. Beautiful end! Anyway, we’re winners!”

Fans of Andrei in shock from the changes in his life and sincerely are perplexed, how such could occur. However, they are treated with respect to any changes in the life of Giulana, especially because there is a reason for satisfaction: in April he begins shooting the new season of the series “Sashatanya”.

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