The bride of Dmitri Tarasov’s hair fall out

У невесты Дмитрия Тарасова выпадают волосы
Model Anastasia Kostenko is forced to do painful injections.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram

The bride-to-be ex-husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov
— Anastasia Kostenko — publicly admitted how hard to maintain
the unearthly beauty. The model does not hide: she can’t boast that
nature gave her perfect skin and beautiful thick hair. Photos
shiny locks that she regularly puts in their Instagram, appears to be
the result of long and painstaking work of specialists. Kostenko said that
use the services of professionals, which make her an injection in the skin. This
the procedure is called PRP. It is recommended for those who have a problem with
hair loss. Apparently, to keep your hair thick and silky without
the participation of beauticians Anastasia is not obtained.

Plazmolifting hair non — surgical
injection technique, which is used in trichology to prevent
hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The procedure is based on the use of
plasma, which is obtained from the patient’s blood. Treatment of blood is carried out
using special tubes and method of centrifugirovania, with
which is pulled from the blood platelet-rich plasma (platelet
autologous conditioned plasma). Platelets stimulate the healing processes of tissues and cells
the body, secrete growth factors that promote cell division.