Невеста Андрея Гайдуляна заявила о расставании с ним Beloved actor published a controversial post. Andrew Hagolan ochilova and Diana were together for a long time in Germany, where the artist was undergoing treatment. Fans were hoping for a quick wedding and didn’t expect that pair may break the relationship.

      Невеста Андрея Гайдуляна заявила о расставании с ним

      For a long time well-known actor Andrew Hagolan was in Germany for treatment. After he was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to go abroad the clinic. Next to him on the entire time was his bride Diana, which was a reliable support and support in difficult for a star of Russian TV time. Many fans noted the extraordinary courage of a girl who could drop everything to be near her beloved. Today, however, Diana has published on the page of your microblog post is ambiguous.

      Andrew Hagolan: the disease and latest news

      “There was no limit of my happiness to be with you and all that we went through. This is the best thing that happened to me. But something broke we won. And all that remains for us is to let go of everything in infinity. I wish happiness to everyone. Fate – and not to beat her. Hurt. But it is for the best. Beautiful end! Anyway, we are the winners with you!” said Diane subscribers.

      For fans, this news was shocking. They could not believe that after all the tests, which overcame a pair, they can leave. Members did not hide their astonishment. “After all you’ve been through together, do you split up? Well how about that?”, “The text is so constructed that the first thing that comes to mind that you broke up? Diana, please explain! Sincerely worried, she didn’t expect to,” “I understand that it is their life and climb into it is not worth it. But did they break up? I thought they were coming soon and the wedding will start. Or I don’t read,” he excited followers. But on many questions of subscribers Diana still did not respond and did not clear up the situation.

      Andrew Hagolan: “I Ask you for prayers!”

      Recall that recently Andrei has published a photograph in which he, along with Diana glad that finally returned to Moscow. Then Gidulyan was very happy that I was able to stop the disease and treatment did not cause severe damage to the body.

      “Friends! Thanks to God, thanks to You, Your prayers and good wishes, thanks to the doctors, thanks to good and very good people, we have finished treatment and returned to Moscow. We are very happy and thank all the heavenly forces for the result. It’s been an amazing six months of our lives… I Hope that I will not betray them, and they will change me forever. Thank God for everything” – appealed to fans of the actor.

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