Невеста приревновала Джастина Бибера к Селене Гомес
The singer decided to take extreme measures to reassure Haley.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber
in the near future will undergo a painful procedure to remove a large tattoo. The singer had
to do it for the sake of peace of his bride — Hailey Baldwin, niece of Alec
Baldwin. A few years ago, when just began his love affair with Selena Gomez, he did in honor of the singer’s tattoo. Now Hayley, who is forced every day to admire the opponent, suddenly
got nervous and demanded that Bieber got rid of reminders of
the former love.

The picture of Selena on his body in the form of an angel he ordered more in 2011, approximately
a year after they started Dating. When Justin first time
I broke up with Selena, he announced that he intends
to get rid of a tattoo: “This is my girlfriend, everyone will know it. Probably, I “bring”…”

However, neither
then or later, Justin never did. Perhaps because in
deep down hoping for the return of Selene.

After that, Bieber and Gomez do several times back and forth. The last reunion
took place last fall, but in March of this year they separated again, and the tattoo still in place on his left wrist on the same arm where he would wear a wedding ring.

Recall from
Hayley Bieber got engaged in the Bahamas, a little more
weeks ago. This engagement was a complete surprise even to the friends of the singer, her
considered too hasty. Indeed, the current round of their romance began just 5 weeks
ago. In fact, in the past — in the end
2015, Bieber already had an affair with miss Baldwin.
But then he only lasted a few months at the beginning of 2016, Justin
and Haley broke up, then pretty spoiled each other’s nerves. In early June of this
years they are unexpectedly reunited, but at first no one took it
seriously. So the news of the engagement surprised many, including Selena Gomez, which
I say, hoping that Bieber again her back.