“The bride happy?” Ivan Zhidkov is preparing to settle near Tatiana Arntgolts

«Невеста рада?» Иван Жидков готовится поселиться рядом с Татьяной Арнтгольц
Former spouses demonstrate idyll in relations.

Tatiana Arntgolts with her husband Ivan and daughter Masha

Photo: Social networks

Tatyana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov are planning to buy apartments in the neighborhood. That the former couple are going to live next became aware of the latest publications of the actor in the social network. He showed a joint photo with the ex-wife putting in the caption that he was preparing to move into a new home.

The pair sparked a lively reaction in the Network, because the couple Arntgolts-the liquid left a lot of fans who dream about their reunion. However, they have long established friendly relations, and intention to live together is a result of joint parenting of daughter — Masha. After all, it is very convenient to “pass” each other a child who is not performing with a long way along the capital’s traffic jams.

Ivan has a fiancee named Lily, which could be friends with his ex-wife’s husband and eight-year-old Masha. However, in her microblog from time to time there are unpleasant messages from detractors. Them critics write that the Jews supposedly still loves Arntgolts and soon “run away” from it. Lily usually ignores such comments, but after the news about moving Zhidkova, she struck a whole avalanche of similar comments.

“Everyone needs to Express their opinion, even without considering the feelings of others… There is a word “empathy”! Google, read and learn!” — spoken by the bride of Ivan the other day.