“The bride” Boris Korchevnikov turned out to be a married lady

«Невеста» Бориса Корчевникова оказалась замужней дамой
Details of the personal lives of the presenter is very interested in his fans.

Boris korchevnikov and Alena Gorenko

Photo: @b.Boris korchevnikov Instagram Korchevnikov

Fans of Boris Korchevnikov tried “to marry” is a television presenter married to the girl. The rumors that have appeared televedushikh fiancee appeared after the publication in social networks picture of Boris next to the charming blonde. Many probably without reading the caption to the photo, mistook it for “the bride” Korchevnikov.

Boris has posted his selfie with Alena Gorenko, an employee of TV channel “Spas”. Signature korchevnikov told about his meeting with a colleague businesslike: broadcaster, working as the head of the Orthodox channel, was discussed with the ward work. Fans of Boris, have long been waiting for when he will determine the choice of the second half, so any girl in his entourage are recording in a potential “bride”.

“It’s his bride?”, “You look good”, “What a beautiful couple, and when’s the wedding?” — written by the followers of Boris. In fact, Alain has for many years been a married woman and has two daughters: Martha and Mary. So no affair with Kurchenkova from Gorenko not, and could not be.

Earlier, during the recording of “one”, Boris told me that dreams about her wedding day and the birth of children. Waiting for the grandchild and his mother, with whom he now lives in the same apartment. “This is my home. This small apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive the car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time work and all this fuss,” — said the Nomads.