The boyfriend of the daughter of Whitney Houston will pay for her death

Бойфренд дочки Уитни Хьюстон поплатится за ее смерть
Nick Gordon will be left without a livelihood.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon


Court of the state of
Missouri (USA) yesterday passed a decision to oblige nick Gordon, boyfriend of deceased
under tragic circumstances the only daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, to pay the girl’s relatives compensation for her death. According to the decree
the court, Gordon is obligated to transfer a family lost a whopping sum of 36 million
dollars. Lawyer nick has managed to comment on the decision. He said
what Gordon has no money, so this resolution is purely symbolic
character. As for his client, said the lawyer, he in the near future
will be forced to declare bankruptcy.

And, on
this trouble Gordon will not end. The fact that yesterday’s decision is based
at others adopted earlier civil court ruling, according to which Nick
was recognized as responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina. And now the case may go
to the criminal process, which Gordon directly accused of the murder of his
girlfriend. This could occur earlier, but the first round of the investigation
stalled due to lack of evidence against nick. But the medical examiner could not
come to a conclusion, with the result that the girl died — accident
or someone’s malice. Now the relatives of Bobbi Kristina started the company
for the exhumation of the bodies — both girls and her mother, with the aim to find new
evidence of violent death of both…

that Bobbi Kristina, died in June 2015, after lying in a coma for almost six months —
after was found in a bathtub almost no signs of life. Myself, Nick Gordon
categorically denies his guilt, claiming that he found his girlfriend lying
in the water unconscious and, on the contrary, tried to resuscitate her, making her prior to arrival
emergency CPR…