The boyfriend of Selena Gomez is preparing for her a surprise on birthday

Бойфренд Селены Гомес готовит для нее необычный сюрприз на день рождения
For the sake of their beloved Abel is ready for any expenses.

Бойфренд Селены Гомес готовит для нее необычный сюрприз на день рождения

Selena Gomez

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Singer Abel Tesfay, acting under
the pseudonym of Wind, began to prepare for the birthday of his beloved in advance, because
like Selena Gomez less than two weeks, is not just the annual personal
holiday, and “semi-anniversary” — 25th anniversary.
Abel decided that expensive jewelry like Selena enough, it will be much
interesting if he will give her something memorable. Therefore, Wind planned
a romantic journey with your beloved.

Because Abel wants to do Selene surprise
he keeps secret the place where they have to go. He just said
Gomez that he was going to take her “in one place”. But Selene had enough of this. As
say girlfriend of the singer, she came in excited to go from all
somewhere far away, to be finally together with her beloved.

Since then, as Gomez and Tesfay started
the novel, and they have to find time to be alone. After all
each of them intensely engaged in their career. When Abel this spring
years went on tour, Selena even decided to accompany him. However, not
the entire route, but only part way. And Abel to go with
Gomez in the planned romantic trip, specially planned a break in their tour…

As for the cost of the upcoming voyage
during which, Wind, of course, try to provide one for Selena
maximum comfort, the scale of costs does not worry him – on favorite money is not
sorry. Recently, for example, Abel
bought a solid house Hidden Hills (CA), not sparing him 18
million dollars, where is going to live with Selena.

Selena Gomez and Abel Tesfay

Photo: Zuma/TASS