Мальчику, которому помогла Собчак, срочно требуется операция на сердце Parents of three-month Viti Egorova asked readers “StarHit” for help. Child for normal life need another surgery. In order to go to the clinic, it is necessary to collect a little more than 41 thousand euros.

      Мальчику, которому помогла Собчак, срочно требуется операция на сердце

      Little Victor Egorov from Cheboksary was born in January. A few months before the appearance of the baby born doctors discovered he had a severe heart defect – the left half was not developed. To save the boy’s life failed thanks to the funds received from the sale at auction of Lena Perminova lot – dinner with Ksenia Sobchak.

      Meet the presenter, winner, businesswoman Olesya Muschinin, transferred to the account of the parents of Viti 13 thousand dollars. This money was enough to in the first hour of life to make the child complex heart surgery – it lasted more than seven hours. Russia did not give guarantee that child will be able to save – so Viti mother Oksana went to Spain – in the clinic Dexeus. The surgery was successful – the boy survived.

      But now the baby needs a new operation, after which the life of a child living in the moment with half of a heart will finally be safe.

      “We looked at a lot of clinics, says the aunt of the baby Svetlana Egorova. – But again, the maximum guarantee provides only this Spanish clinic. After the second surgery, the development of the disease Vicosinos finally will stop – he will be able to breathe. Now the baby is with mom in Kazan under the supervision of a physician. The cardiologist says to go to Spain as soon as possible – to avoid risk to life. The deadline is the first of July. Important every day!”

      Clinic in Spain was fined 3 million 123 thousand rubles, or 41 400 euros. They need to collect until mid-June. Unfortunately, relatives Viti has not yet received a response from any of the Fund, and their personal savings have long been spent. The boy’s parents appeal to readers “Stargate” with a request to help their child to survive!

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