The boy is subjected to humiliation nurses want to adopt

Мальчика, подвергшегося унижениям медсестры, хотят усыновить Reportedly, the negligent employee was already fired from the Sakhalin hospital. A movie where the woman abused the boy produced quite a stir in the Network. Internet users trying to find out the fate of the child.
Мальчика, подвергшегося унижениям медсестры, хотят усыновить

On the eve of the world wide web has got the video, which depicted as an employee of the Central district hospital in Makarov, Sakhalin region offends a two-year German. The boy entered the institution after it was seized from a dysfunctional family. However, in a new place it met no better – the nurse scoffed at the baby, lifting it to the camera. Random audience sounded the alarm on hearing the conversation of the nurse with the child. They require a health guide to remove her from working with children. Even some of the concerned expressed a desire to adopt Herman and is now trying to contact the authorities.

“Here is our miracle – the cross-eyed, smelly. Without end shouts. Look how handsome, like a bandit on the road. Th, morden its lowered? Well, che, ori! Ori, come on! I take pictures of you like you’re yelling. Want to babysit?” – scoffs the woman.

No wonder the shocking video immediately spread around the Internet. Users of social networking publish it on their pages to convey to the district administration blatant case. They leave hundreds of comments of a post where you Express surprise and demand to permanently ban the author of the video to work with children.

“O my Lord! Heart skips a beat!”, “The horror! How pitiful these children”, “can you Imagine how many of these cases without a camera? Scary to think” “Such animals as she should be planted. Preferably, the cell and for a long time”, “I Wanted to understand himself, but the phones are silent hospital”, “Poor boy! I hope he never gets these people”, “this is better Than a dysfunctional family? Out of the frying pan into the fire”, “let’s see how our administration. So many reposts that it’s time to give the answer!” write caring.

As told the chief doctor of CRH Makarov Larisa Mishakova negligent employee brought the letter of resignation before the video caused a public outcry. The recording of the woman brought one of the employees only after a while. Now Herman is still in the infectious Department of medical institutions, while the question on deprivation of parents rights, as well as its future location. According to the chief physician of the hospital, the boy’s mother, after learning about the incident, called the police.

Mishakova admits he did not expect such behavior from a subordinate and held in a hospital meeting where explained to the employees how to communicate with patients. She told the Sakhalin portal

“The case, of course, outrageous, even defies review. This nurse been working in the hospital is not accidental. Earlier never such was not seen, was the Executive. What happened, why she reacted like that I can’t understand. For all of us it’s a big surprise. I was also struck by colleagues who spread this video. We had to immediately go to me and show it to me”, — said the chief doctor.