Книга Ольги Бузовой оказалась не по карману ее фанатам About the new works of well-known TV presenter became known in may. “The price of happiness” – the autobiography of Olga Buzova, which can be purchased on the official website of the star, however, its value does not suit the fans of the blonde.

      Olga Buzova announced the release of his new book in may of this year. Surprisingly, two months later, the work of the leading “House-2” “Price of happiness” on sale. First copies available on the official website Buzova. “My book, which I worked for so long – went to print! It will be a miracle: the most honest and sincere book, for which I even created my own scent!”, – said in his famous blonde last week.

      However, to the surprise of admirers of talent of Olga, the cost of the work was a bit higher than they expected. The book is presented in three versions. The easiest kit in vacuum package can be bought for 1190 rubles. If a person wants to buy “the Price of happiness” as a gift to a friend autographed Olga, this option will cost about 2000 rubles. Fans who want to not only read, but to feel her fragrance perfume EAU DE OLGA, give for the pleasure of about 5000 rubles. According to many fans Buzova, the cost of new items by famous TV stars is very high. By the way, this price will soar even after 1 August, when it will cease to act discount.

      On the pages of his book Olga teaches people how to find happiness. In her opinion, first of all you need to achieve harmony with yourself and love yourself. “Self love is not selfishness and not for life and for yourself. Love of self is natural, joyful, conscious, daily self-care, your body, mind, soul and spirit. A healthy body gives a healthy mind and Vice versa. It is important to love yourself and not be selfish, consumed with themselves, and forget about those who are near. This behavior has nothing to do with love”, – says Buzova in the new work.

      Star recalls how she was given what she has achieved in his 30 years. From an early age, Olga dreamed of a successful career and prosperous life. Buzova grateful to all the people who helped her at the time to take the first steps on television. “12 years ago, I began my television the way… He was a complicated, thorny, it was very difficult. Sometimes it seemed that I was one against all. 100 times I wanted to leave, but left, defeated, and I now have everything I want and dreamed about,” recalled leading reality show “Dom-2”. Olga Buzova remembered the thorny path to glory

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