Семья Бондарчук закатила шумную вечеринку In one of the Metropolitan clubs held a birthday celebration Tats. To congratulate the girl with the 27-year anniversary came her mother-in-law Svetlana Bondarchuk, Sergei spouse, and close family friends.

      Семья Бондарчук закатила шумную вечеринку

      On the eve of the wife of Sergey Bondarchuk Tata celebrated its 27th anniversary. In the morning, the girl posted on his page in a social network post, in which he remembered the entire year, all the best of luck and mistakes. “Thank you, my 26. You were amazing. You were love. And I smile, saying goodbye. If I had to come back and change anything, I would not touch, no memory, no act, no word, not one look, not one person, not one error, not one smile, not one tear. They are my treasure, proof that I’m alive. They are real. They – I. Thank you for the fact that this year they were very special and taught me important. Thank you for the ability to be a child – naive and open, no matter what”.

      Fans of the star filled family daughter-in-law Fyodor Bondarchuk congratulations. Night nanny went to celebrate his birthday in the club. The company of 27-year-old beauty made her mother-in-law Svetlana Bondarchuk, Sergei spouse, his uncle Gregory, and numerous friends of the couple.

      Judging by the staff that the family was posted in “Instagram”, the festival was a lot of fun. Svetlana managed to make a selfie with his son, using various props: prop hats, huge glasses and ears of a hare. Fans Bondarchuk noted that in all the photos her eyes are glowing with happiness. “Shine – star!” “Super”, “What are you cool!”, “I never would have thought that this mom and son”, – the journalist praised its subscribers.

      In the midst of the festival organizers staged the original show. At present fell the rain paper. In mineralite that Svetlana Bondarchuk shared with fans, she attacks a friend, Svetlana, throwing her white ribbons. “Shine! Well, you’re cocky”, signed video famous blonde.

      However, a party in honor of the birthday of Tata passed without one important guest. Father Sergei Fyodor Bondarchuk was not able to attend the celebration. Recently, the famous Director was joined by his heir and daughter-in-law during a holiday in the Spanish resort town of Marbella. At sea, Theodore traveled with his new lover Paulina Andreeva, with whom he began a relationship after they broke up with his wife, Svetlana. After the divorce, Fedor Bondarchuk lives in two houses

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