The bodyguards of Justin Bieber annoying his neighbors

Телохранители Джастина Бибера раздражают его соседей

Justin Bieber was seriously concerned about their safety. It seems that the artist is waiting for threats from everywhere. The sense of protection gives by security, that always follows on the heels of the artist. Even when Bieber is at home, the territory of his estate patrol a certain number of guards that really interfere with its neighbors.

The reporters found that residents of one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles, renting a house which costs about 85 thousand dollars a month, is extremely dissatisfied with the service of protection of Bieber and dream about that situation as soon as possible has changed. “The area around the house Justin is now similar to the military base,” the source said. “Rent in this prestigious area can reach 85 000 dollars per month, so imagine how this Angers neighbors Bieber!”

Note that security guards are the best of two evils. Earlier the neighbors were unhappy with the behavior of the young and ardent musician who very often had arranged a party with lots of guests.