Совет да любовь: Курникова и Иглесиас, наконец, женятся!

Enrique gave sweetheart chic wedding ring.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias took almost 15 years to bring relations to a new level. But it seems that 41-year-old Spanish macho, finally ready to make your offer! On the ring finger of the tennis player appeared a ring with a weighty diamond.

And it would be possible to decide that this is just another expensive gift from her boyfriend. An no, Iglesias himself admitted in a broadcast on Spanish television that he is ready to go to city hall and marry Kournikova officially.

At the same time, the singer said that for a long time athlete believes his wife and the stamp in the passport for him – nothing more than a formality.

Fans of the star couple in my opinion. They tie a quick wedding with nothing other than advent children. After all, Iglesias has repeatedly said that he wants to be a father. And as soon as possible!

We will remind, young people met in 2001 year, the filming of the clip “Escape”. According to rumors, the singer refused to kiss Anna, and such provocations luxurious blonde pulls. After six months, young people living together.

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