The blockbuster “Batman V Superman” set a record

Блокбастер «Бэтмен против Супермена» установил рекорд

The premiere of the blockbuster “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” took place last week, March 24. On developed over many decades of tradition, it happened on Thursday.

A wide promotional campaign couldn’t save the movie from criticism that it flowed from critics. Many experts claimed that smartly done special effects nothing: the plot is simple and cliche and the main characters are not convincing in their game.

However despite such negative reviews from critics, the audience still fell for the bait of advertising and called for the Prime Minister.

Due to high demand, on the first weekend confrontation between the characters of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill brought the creators of the film $27.7 mln.

This is the best result for gala premieres Thursday of Easter weekend. The previous record belonged to the Thriller “fast & furious 7” ($15.8 million).

The record of all the preshow Thursday in the U.S. still holds the film “Star wars: the force Awakening”. 17 December 2015, she earned $57 million.

Recall last week when Affleck and Cavill decided to comment on the reaction of critics on their creation. “What really matters is the audience and said “Superman” Henry Cavill. – Because that’s what they buy tickets, they decide they want to see the continuation of this story or not. So the voice of the audience in this case is the loudest. And after this weekend, the viewers will be able to at least partially Express their opinion”.

Affleck was not loquacious, though, and fully supported the opinion of his colleague. “I agree”, said Ben.


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