Victoria did not spare Julia's feelings

In 2003, Yulia Vysotskaya's author's culinary show began to appear on NTV. It has become quite popular among housewives, and the presenter has found fame as a good cook. And recently, the transfer was covered by a second wave of popularity. Footage of Vysotskaya's culinary failures has spread online. Users were especially impressed by the failed syrniki and the burning shish kebab. Separate frames were sold as memes, and bloggers began to shoot parodies. Victoria Bonya also decided to laugh at Julia. She was amused by Vysotskaya's phrase that she rarely eats what she cooked herself. Bonya said that at least the presenter has an instinct for self-preservation.

“I don't know about cooking, but due to equanimity and self-confidence, you can definitely give master classes to her. Take note. Shashlik burns with fire? Say:” How appetizing it smells. “The blacker – the better.” Burnt syrniki? With a smile: “I've never eaten such tender syrniki!” The main thing is to cover them well with powdered sugar… And it works! and considered the Vysotsky culinary guru? Really, it seemed that everything was as it should be, “Victoria said.

"The blacker the better": Victoria Bonya laughed at Yulia Vysotskaya
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