День рождения Пугачевой: европейское гражданство, венчание и скандал с плагиатом Today the Diva turns 69 years old. Alla accepts congratulations from family, colleagues and fans. The singer I wish you health and happiness. “StarHit” remembered, what was memorable in the past year the life of a star.
День рождения Пугачевой: европейское гражданство, венчание и скандал с плагиатом

Last year for Alla Pugacheva was, as always, eventful, creative and personal, sometimes sad, but mostly happy.

Over the past 12 months, the Diva has become even more active in social networks (81 Instagram post from last birthday, which is an absolute record for her “young” account, effective from the end of 2016) and, as ever, honest with his audience.

Alla, without losing the Divas title (has a life as the title of people’s artist), this year periodically become overly sentimental, while her irony rose to an incredible height, which can reach only truly happy people – a selfie without makeup to explicit confirmation.

Pugachev at 68 years of age, not afraid to be funny, sometimes even ridiculous, was very bold in choosing dresses, every publication has caused a strong reaction – some people admire, others are outraged. Diva is open and sensitive to other people’s pain and injustice, does good deeds and makes sometimes unpopular criticism on a particular issue, standing up for those principles, which she reveres and respects.

Moreover, it seems: Pugachev’s only now, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of, out loud, unashamedly acknowledges his past mistakes, repent publicly, reserving the right to be happy here and now.


Personal new year Pugacheva started as expected, with the Banquet on the occasion of his birthday. Among the invited guests were only the closest. A photo – only social networks. Birthday girl – the bright, the guests. And the cake in the cake because the birthday girl celebration coincided with the Orthodox Easter. Celebrated at home, or rather, in his castle without the extra people and noise.

After that, the Diva almost immediately departed with her husband to Cyprus – to prepare the documents for obtaining the European citizenship. To get a Cypriot passport, which means “life Schengen”, passed, incidentally, by inheritance, enough to invest 2 million euros to the economy of the state. Alla and her husband Maxim Galkin invested and received. And now they have a lot available. Pugacheva and Galkin bought a house in Cyprus and have received citizenship

“Having the nationality of Cyprus, and therefore EU, all members of the family Pugacheva free to go live a year or two or even to stay in one of 48 countries. And to travel without visas in more than 167 States, including the UK, Australia,” – said a Cypriot lawyer Simon Poghosyan.

After finishing up on the island, Pugachev went with a family in Jurmala, where almost every year and rents a Villa “Marta”. She always liked the local mild climate, cool summer and the neighborhood old friend Laima Vaikule. Two and a half months on the Riga coast Alla and lime were the main heroines of Instagram clips Maxim Galkin. Every day, new video jokes, rhymes on the background of the human scenery of the Baltic resort.

An important event in the family Pugacheva took place in July: the eldest grandson Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov married his beloved Alena Krasnova. Pugachev, of course, the first on the guest list. Ceremony and a Grand Banquet happened in the suburban Larks in one of the most beautiful event hall in the capital region.

A few months later down the aisle I went and the Diva, her husband Maxim Galkin. 18 Nov 68-year-old Joe, and 41-year-old Galkin sanctified their marriage at the Church. The wedding was solemn and at the same chamber. Fans congratulated Donna, she thanked and publicly repented for the previous wedding with Philip Kirkorov. Later, Pugachev explained why decided on a second Church marriage.

Alla Pugacheva: “I was married for Maxim and children”

“Thank you all for the congratulations! The rest of my life I will repent for the first wedding and asking for God’s forgiveness. It was a thoughtless, spontaneous and naive enough step. The devil made me do it. Thank God that I still a second time to get married. Today is a meaningful and righteous action in the name of love and loyalty for the rest of my days. Lord! Prolong my happy life as long as possible in the health and well-being of my husband and children. Amen,” wrote Alla Pugacheva.

Among other events in the life of the prima Donna it is worth noting the premiere of the song, which turned into a scandal. New year’s eve the singer posted a teaser of the song and promised “soon.” For the first time “I flew” was performed on the First channel in the morning of January 1, 2018. And in the afternoon of the same day songwriter Alexander Pugachev Vulich accused of plagiarism, saying that her new song sounds exactly the same as the old, written 15 years ago by Igor Saruhanov.

The scandal rattled more than a week, but in the end (not least because of Pugacheva) have been exhausted. Now hit the two authors, so no one was hurt.

“hard to breathe…”

It seems that never before Alla is so openly talked about his health over the past year. In early June 2017 appeared information about the fact that Alla had surgery.

However, later the media reported that the actress had only coronary angiography, no surgical intervention was not required. Using this procedure to diagnose coronary heart disease. Anyway, later the husband of the actress and her eldest daughter has assured fans that all is well Donna.

“Mom had a heart attack. The doctor flew in from London to diagnose. Decided that Bagrat Alekyan gegamovich mom will put another stent in scientific research Institute Vishnevsky. I found out after mom didn’t want me to upset and worry my birthday (I was at this time in America),” shared Kristina Orbakaite with reporters.

However, this talk about health is not over. Festival “Heat” in Baku Pugacheva refused to talk to journalists, having referred to feeling sick, and even canceled one performance. The actress barely endured 40-degree heat.

And recently in response to criticism antifanatov their appearance Diva openly said that age takes its toll and the body is faltering.


Whatever may be said about Pugacheva, Alla Borisovna with his difficult character, about which much is said and written by colleagues and former husbands, knows how to make friends, empathize, and always ready to help in difficult times.

Diva deeply experienced personal losses over the past year has left a few of the talented people she loved: Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Oleg Tabakov, Dmitry Maryanov… “Where’s everyone going? Where…” – emotionally she wrote. The same compassionate reacted Diva on the tragedy that occurred in our country over the past period – the explosion in the subway in St. Petersburg, a fire in the Kemerovo… So, on April 3, the day of the attack in the St. Petersburg subway, Pugacheva recorded under the black square.

“Good people! For the GOD hope, but do not relax, beware. Don’t forget that there is a war and war is mean, ruthless. A sad day,” wrote the artist.

In her individual year, some good things Pugacheva became public: he visited the poet, bedridden, and severely commanded her to live. Helped the composer with whom he recorded some songs, gave him money for treatment cancer-stricken wife.

After learning that the poet Ilya Reznik, who wrote for her absolute hits “Maestro”, “Starry summer”, “Antique clock”, “Photographer”, “Three happy days” in need of Finance, just send him an envelope with 20 thousand dollars.

Pugacheva supports friends and not very close to her not only rubles, but also the word. Stands upright and speaks openly who is right and who is wrong, if it thinks fit. So, Alla has expressed its outrage at the behavior of Zhirinovsky, when he offended Ksenia Sobchak. “Managed to open it. Well done. Hang In There, Ksenia!” – wrote the Diva.

Put this on immediately!

The appearance of any star always draws attention of the public. Do not feed bread – give porazglyadyvat Yes discuss-wearing actress or actor. To admire, to criticize…

Alla have not paid attention to what her fashion verdict stand people. And fans and antiphonary continue to consider her dresses, pants, jackets, hoodies and hats. In 68 years, Pugacheva has managed several times to stir up public opinion in their own toilets. Flirty dress with flowers in a rustic style, which she wore at established it as the spring festival, the public was evaluated with a plus sign, the bright pantsuit adorned her Nerodenko party and made just the same splash, but the outfit chosen by Diva to ice show Tatiana Navka – has been criticized. However, most discussed the image of a Diva, which is characterized by minimalism. Less clothes – more talk.

Life goes on, life goes on

Still, Alla Pugacheva is the harlequin. The wise clown who’s not afraid to be funny and willing to laugh at himself along with his audience. Discarding chronology, just list what’s going on Diva this year. In front of cameras lifted the hairpiece from the scalp. Issued two selfie without makeup on Instagram, which caused a storm of emotions from a subscriber that any maker would be proud of. Sat on the cream – in the truest sense of the word – with Vaikule. Mocked former spouse, “to convict” him of plagiarism – posted a photo Kirkorov in a red and black hoodie just like hers, with a call: “Phil, bring back the hoodie!” Alla Pugacheva Philip Kirkorov accused of plagiarism

One of the photos in his microblog Alla is signed: “Thank you, Lord, for a new morning in my life and day. Yes not relate to their anger human!”

We wish Alla Borisovna many more new days. Moreover, the Diva promised fans: “I will Live to 70 – I will give a great tour!”