В день рождения сына Анфиса Чехова открыла неожиданную правду о нем
The presenter shared the most interesting facts from the life of Solomon.

Anfisa Chekhov with her son Solomon

Today, his son Anfisa Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili Solomon turned
six years. Loving mother bought Solico gift — set constructor
popular among children of his age characters. The birthday kid’s TV presenter
remember the most interesting facts from the life of the child.

“Exactly six years ago, I
cut and pulled out a small red lump, like Yakut grandfather,
that changed my life forever! — says Anfisa. There is no sense to congratulate my beloved Mouse in the vast
Instagram, because he still can’t read, so today I will write facts about Solomon that you need to know about it”.

It turned out, when Solik was born, the doctor said Guram small
defect. “He showed the stunned father of the ear of the son in the form of a Bud. Guram laughed the doctor in the face, saying it was
nonsense, and not a defect, and plastic
surgeon ever in one second is correct. Fix did not have to
the ear itself is finished in a couple of days and the “defect” disappeared,”
recalls Chekhov.

Anfisa fed the baby half a year, until he refused.
Also the star recalled that first journey Solik made in three months, and in
six months, going to Thailand, the child is sick with rotavirus. “We even
I had to go to a local hospital, but nothing happened,” says Anfisa. Artist
notified subscribers personal microblog that does not make the son vaccinated, as
she intuitively knows that he does not need. Among the most interesting facts
fans Chekhova recognized the one boy is very well going through a divorce
parents. “It happened because we initially didn’t do from the tragedy of divorce and calmly explained everything. We did not decide through its
the problem is not set up against each other, raised him together and
periodically spend time all together.”