Биологическая мать Сергея Зверева-младшего хотела его убить 25 years ago Viktoriya Parfenova left the child in the hospital. The boy was the son of Sergey Zverev, the stylist who took from Irkutsk orphanage. Relationship with a woman confirmed a DNA test. She admitted she tried to abort the pregnancy because the baby was unwanted.
Биологическая мать Сергея Зверева-младшего хотела его убить

After a long search for the son of Sergey Zverev was finally able to find the mother, the relationship with which was proven the DNA test. Viktoriya Parfenova originally from Irkutsk, many years ago, she gave birth to a premature baby, and then completely abandoned it.

The long-awaited meeting with the parent was overshadowed by tough questions of the heir of the famous stylist. To this day, the beast, Jr. can not understand how it could throw my own mother.

“Frightened, ran away from problems. You were eight months old when you were born,” he tried to justify the woman, barely holding back tears.

Guests of the program “actually” said that boy really very similar to Parfenov eyes and facial features. As admitted Victoria, getting rid of the baby, she still managed to find female happiness — to get married and have two sons.

The woman regrets that he left Sergei after his birth, however, does not hide — he was an unwanted child.

“I was about twenty years old. We then got together and were divorced. I was scared to be alone with a child. I had already one. I tried to terminate the pregnancy, but the boy was born. I was scared of the diseases that prematurely born. I couldn’t believe the pediatrician, as it was in the box. I saw him after birth. Escaped in her nightie from the hospital,” — said Parfenov.
Биологическая мать Сергея Зверева-младшего хотела его убить

Not wanting to raise a child, Parfenov wrote a failure, with the result that the boy was taken to the orphanage. Son she named Dmitry, and even once visited him. Did not work and her personal life with the father of her firstborn — she cheated on him with another man, and then filed for divorce.

Guest studios also became the grandmother of Sergey. Nina Krinitsyna claims that he tried to find his grandson, but was not able to take because Victoria already had another family. Check on the lie detector showed that Parfyonov told his mother about the death of a child, but three years later, Nina S. learned that the boy is alive.

Met Sergei Zverev, Jr. and brother, who arrived in Moscow. According to Alexey, he knew about the existence of a relative and even a long time hated my mother for this act.

“I can not yet anything to digest. While I will go away,” said Zverev, Jr., summing up.