The billionaire explained the scandal section of the mansion on the ruble

Миллиардер объяснил скандал с разделом особняка на Рублевке Entrepreneur Sergei Tsvetnenko has never been expressed over the lengthy proceedings with his ex-wife Margaret, explained his behavior in a live TV show. The man said that the ex-wife plans to take over his business.
Миллиардер объяснил скандал с разделом особняка на Рублевке

For several years the ex-wife and ruble billionaires Sergey and Margarita, Tsvetnenko not stop dismantling associated with the division of property. They lived together for nearly twenty years and raised two children. However, by 2010, Sergey and Margarita realized that their marriage is bursting at the seams. From that moment between the former lovers did not stop the strife.

The court ruled that the ex-wife should split in half the three-story mansion on the ruble. Marguerite was obliged to build a separate staircase to their rooms on the second floor. The woman asked for a continuance, arguing that it does not have sufficient funds for repairs. Margarita requirement was met, but that did not stop Sergei to start work on the fence his half of the house from a former lover. He built the cottage a concrete wall.

Recently, the story of Sergei and Margarita, Tsvetnenko raised in the program “live”. This episode was dedicated to divorce for wealthy people. Margaret told the audience his story. The woman does not hide indignation at the actions of the former spouse. According to her, the man also erected a fence in the garden to protect it owned the territory from the unwanted intrusion of strangers.

Sergei himself, Tsvetnenko first answered questions from the public in a live TV show.

“I have repeatedly tried to make a point. For seven years I offered to give her property and asked not to touch the company. I’m willing to give her and the part of the house which is in our mutual decision, we decided to split in half. I was ready to give her the apartment, but she wants another. She’s used to getting. Technically, I have fulfilled the court’s decision, which had decided to divide the house this way… And if human, then a letter his ex-wife that it is time to recover,” – said the businessman.
Миллиардер объяснил скандал с разделом особняка на Рублевке

The ex-wife of the businessman has expressed disagreement with his words. Margaret finds his statements about readiness for a truce to be untrue. “I’m 48% shareholder of our joint company. You don’t understand. I poor woman. According to the court, in effect, ex-husband owes me 722 million rubles… I didn’t get off the train and was put into the Palace. Together we stood, I battle a friend, I was loyal to it”, – with these words, Tsvetnenko commented on the accusations of a businessman that she plans to take over his company.

In turn, Sergey claims that his ex-lover is manipulating the children and gave a specific example. “In 2010 we signed the agreement on section jointly acquired property. The reason for this was her refusal to let children of the sea. At that time they were minors, and the youngest son is a bit behind in development, so any trip to the sea brought him great pleasure. That forced me to take extreme measures to sign an agreement that she prepared, in collusion with his brother, worked with me CEO one of the companies, as well as with my regular lawyer,” said the man.

Миллиардер объяснил скандал с разделом особняка на Рублевке

According to Tsvetnenko as soon as his ex-girlfriend got a contract, she began to dictate his own terms. The owner said that Margaret is guided by selfish considerations.

“Then she filed for divorce, hired a raider company. Now we not only divide marital property, but also business. It lasts for eight years. It came to the bankruptcy of the company. To date, this is the third company helps her to bankrupt the business that I built”, – says the entrepreneur.

Commenting on the statement of the businessman, Margaret stated that his assertions are not supported by evidence. The woman continues to insist on being right. “Well of course, it we have good. You can say anything you want. The key word in all men – “ready.” The most important is the actions, they speak for themselves” – emotionally said Margaret.