Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом “StarHit” selected sensational news the last three months. There’s everything here – from unconcealed joy to shock. We remembered scandals, not ucigasa for a long time, as well as the tragedy that shook the country.

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      This winter has brought us a lot of events worthy of attention and discussion. Among the topics that were raised in the media, were joyful and those that made the country shudder in horror. “StarHit” gathered ten of the most discussed news of the past three months and remembered the reaction of the public.

      Divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov

      In such relationships, set bold point, but to discuss a few still continue. Problems in the family of celebrities began in the fall, but Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov again and again gives reason to revisit this topic. 30 Dec 2016 TV presenter and the footballer became a free people and a month later, the celebrity returned to her maiden name in the documents.

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      The cause of the breakup of this seemingly “sweet couple” officially it was not voiced. The part of Internet users argued that this fate has punished Olga because she stole the man of the family. Others blamed the break Dmitri, who at the time relations with Buzova allegedly had an affair with a model.

      Anyway, such a shock as the divorce had a positive impact on the career of the leading “House-2”. The girl changed my way and plunged into work. In particular, the presenter not only returned to the stage, but sang. In one of them she expressed those feelings after a divorce. “I used to Wake up alone. I no longer hurt, no longer hurt…” And it should be noted that the popularity Buzova growing, unlike her ex-husband. Over the last month it signed up about two million instagram users.

      Olga Buzova openly about divorce: “Beloved betrayed me”

      “Adequately take all that presents destiny, – said the artist “StarHit”. – Yes, I did, but when the love story has no continuation, it should “burn” and move on. Early family and relationship was in the first place, now is. And the more stones in the back you get, the stronger become… would be a bit weaker, I’d be broke.”

      Change the host to “Live”

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      Rumors that the host of the talk show “live” on the channel “Russia 1” Boris korchevnikov leaves the transmission, appeared in early February. A definite comment on the matter gave no one – neither the korchevnikov, nor Dmitry Shepelev, who, as reported, and had to replace it, nor the channel. Perhaps that is why the messages about the upcoming change of the format of the programme stirred up the public with such force. Some linked care Korchevnikov his health.

      More confusion to the situation made the post Dmitry Shepelev in the social network. “Well. I think my protracted “vacation” came to an end. The new host of “live” on the channel “Russia”. Start in March. If not me, who?” However, confirmation of this information is also not received. As rebuttal. Dmitri himself declined to comment. Today we are shooting a project with the former leading.

      Boris korchevnikov warmly thanked the fans for their support

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом“Why Boris korchevnikov needs to go somewhere? He is and will be. Currently we are making a programme with the YouTube Korchevnikov”, – said the “StarHit” the representative channel.

      Apparently, while the audience can only guess about the possible future transfer: it does not change, it will have a new moderator or two, and maybe someone will take a new position.

      FAMILY SHOWDOWN NIKITA DZHIGURDA and Marina Anisina those

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      The flamboyant showman never ceases to attract public attention, and his life almost year-round is under active discussion. But this winter he has broken all their records. First, the reason was his scandalous breakup with his wife Marina Anisina those. First, the couple decided to divorce, but the actor then decided to return to his wife and has filed an appeal against the decision of the court. In February 2017 Krasnogorsk the court gave the entertainer and athlete of the month for reconciliation. Now Nikita Miller breaks the phone, publishes poetry in society – in short, strongly attracted the attention of his ex-wife. Rumor has it that with such a powerful onslaught of the chair may succeed, despite the fact that now the former spouses live in different countries — in Russia, Marina in France. Friends of the athletes say that they are secretly Dating.

      Secret meetings Dzhigurda and Anisina: what are you hiding from all former spouses

      “Marina often happens in Moscow, arrives at the shooting, – has shared with “StarHit” Lena Lenina. – As I understand it, they with Nikita recently saw. And this is not an isolated case lately. But both hide this fact.”

      However, this is not the only trouble this couple. They are both members of another controversial judicial proceedings relating to inheritance businesswomen Lyudmila Bratash. After the death of millionaire Nikita Dzhigurda gave the court the last will and Testament, according to which Bratash vast fortune should go to his children. Against this rose sister of the late Svetlana, who claims that the actor had forged a will, using stolen blank with signature.

      “The war that I have with family Dzhigurda and Anisina is the fight for the truth – says the woman. – On my side of the law. What is behind the action Dzhigurda and Anisina those, we still will understand. I have enough patience.” On the penultimate court session it was decided to conduct the examination of the will. Dzhigurda and Anisina filed an appeal. The court left this decision without changes. So the point in this story is also not set.


      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      In mid-January 2017, the public was stunned about what happened in a large family Del from Zelenograd. January 10, the couple Svetlana and Michael Del took 10 foster children, eight of whom were reported to be HIV-positive, one has down syndrome. Caused bruises on the body of 6-year-old Seryozha, who saw the kindergarten teacher and immediately reported to law enforcement. “Now we have no future, – with tears said Svetlana. I don’t see him. From morning to morning — one big long horrible day.”

      According to the Ombudsman for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, for the proceedings, a Commission was established. The experts spoke with each kid and made the decision to terminate the contract of care in respect of the eight children who were cared for by the family Del. Two adopted children back, but they will be brought up at the grandmother in St. Petersburg. Spouse Del went to court to challenge the decision of the Department of social protection of Moscow on the termination of contracts of care.

      The family history is instantly split the society into two camps. Some supported the guardianship, others were fully on the side of the parents. In the social network was launched, the hashtag #Pomalidomide, which published several thousand posts. Not remained aloof and stellar mommy. She supported Vera Brezhneva, Evelina Bledans, Irena Ponaroshku and others.

      “You know that this nightmare isn’t over?! What is the situation with the abduction of ten children from a family trying to hush up all the forces, and children — deprived parents?!.. Of care call and say: “Wash the posts and keep it down, have you adopted children, you never know what bruise…” And, fearing for their children, many delete posts!” – wrote in his microblog Irena Ponaroshku.
      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      In mid-February Del spouses refused to fight for the children and took a claim. “We hope that these difficult decisions are made taking into account the interests of the family and aimed at the resolution of this incident by other means”, – said the lawyer Ivan Pavlov in social networks.


      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      Who will represent Russia at “Eurovision”? This question over the past few months have been one of the most popular. It has long been rumored that our country will be presented in Kyiv a 32-year-old Alexander Panayotov. And after the winter festival, Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor” they started to circulate with renewed vigor. The fact that one of the most charismatic participants of the fifth season of the show “the Voice” became a headliner of the event, along with Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarina, Vera Brezhneva, Nyusha, Emin Agalarov and other stars of show business. On the sidelines it was rumored that Alexander is the most likely candidate from Russia at “Eurovision”.

      Recall that in the short-list of candidates also includes former member of the group SEREBRO Elena Temnikova, Nyusha, team Turkish SOPRANO and the winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk. However, later Temnikova and Nyusha declared that do not consider themselves to participation in such large-scale Eurovision song contest.

      A petition against Pugacheva

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      Almost the entire first week of this year, the Network was actively discussed the contents of the Christmas television. And rostovchanin Vadim Adamyan even created a petition appealing directly to the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst. In the words of the disturbed man, he was extremely dissatisfied with the gear that was shown during the holidays. In particular, he had no taste the idea of the program, which featured the brightest stars of Russian show business – Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, Ivan Urgant, Dmitry Nagiyev and many others. He decided to find like-minded people to collect signatures to “reach out” to the leadership of one of the main TV channels in Russia. The petition has gathered more than 150 thousand signatures.

      Meanwhile, Pugacheva said the author in his microblog with its inherent humour: “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again make sure this is real happiness”. And this support has not kept itself waiting. “How I love! The only large-scale personality on stage! Only”, “Alla, we are with you! We love you and your creativity and will not give you offense! Thank you, that is you and your creativity!” – they wrote.

      In support of the singer were made by colleagues and friends — Igor Nikolaev, Nikolay Baskov, Philip Kirkorov, Iosif Prigozhin, and others. Their posts were accompanied by the hashtag #mysapace. On the petition rostovchanina responded and Konstantin Ernst.

      “The claims of the youth of the audience to the new year show fair. Why they are usually on TV? Because doing research the audience, we understand that the system audience Christmas show are people 45+. People 45+ has its own traditional preferences. And TV there are people who like Alla, Sofia Rotaru and other characters. We do not change a basic salad for the New year and the Christmas tree we have… an Audience that says “Yes, this sucks, we’re still not watching”, she’s not looking. Not because it sucks, but because new year’s eve is another way. The company, in walks on the snow-covered city, and not have a TV,” said Ernst in a live online show “OK to touch”.

      A few days later the instigator of a major scandal apologized to Pugacheva. Vadim Manukyan confessed “StarHit” that his words were misinterpreted, and he was sorry.


      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      The first reports that the singer gave birth, there was another in November last year, then these same rumors have spread across the Network in December. But since Pelageya and her husband hockey player Ivan Telegin was silent, the fans decided that the family does not want to publicize this event. Meanwhile, in social networks, a growing number of posts congratulating the young mother. However, confirmation of this fact it was not.

      Pelagia for the first time after the birth came on the scene

      22 Jan fans waited for a happy occasion. Ivan Telegin after the victory in a hockey game, told about the birth of an heiress — on the eve, January 21, was born the girl Taisa.

      “When a goal is scored, rocked the stick, because the child was born. Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium was presented as a gift roly-poly doll”, – said the athlete.


      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      In January, the actress admitted that broke up with her husband and is now fighting with him for her daughter and apartment. Elena Ksenofontova said that it is a criminal case, and she fears for her life.

      “I was silent. For a long time. For far too long. Was silent because he was protecting his family, his children. Silent, because it was embarrassing and scary. Because I believe that justice will prevail (and otherwise). Because my brain refused to accept such a reality,” said the star.
      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      According to Ksenofontova, a year ago her husband informed the police about the attack. The man argued that the common-law wife allegedly hit him on the head, and then pretended to be a victim of violence. In fact, says Helena, he attacked her, and she was only defending himself, and the witness of this situation was the neighbor. 26 Dec actress convicted, she appealed. Along with the case of beating of a civil court to determine the place of residence of the child, his daughter Sonja. In addition, the actress is trying to defend the apartment at the dedication, which had to sell and buy a new one. According to Ksenofontova, because it avenges her ex-husband Alexander.

      In February, the case took an unexpected turn. Talking about their life’s twists and turns in the program “Let them talk” from February 1, Elena said that they even wanted to kill her husband. “One night I found myself standing over him with a pillow. I was very scared,” admitted the actress.

      “The case of Ksenofontova” received wide attention. Fans and sympathizers of the actress and support her. The Network has created a petition, which demanded a fair trial in the case of Elena Ksenofontova, the victim, as she claims, from domestic violence. “Stop lawlessness! In a legal state a woman should be protected, to be silent no longer!” – said the author of the request.

      Trump and star

      Самые громкие события зимы: разводы, приемные дети и фото с Трампом

      The election of a new U.S. President took place in November, and to discuss their results still. 70-year-old eccentric businessman Donald Trump managed to beat 69-year-old politician with lots of experience of Hillary Clinton. The reaction to this was mixed. Even during the elections, singer Beyonce and Jay-Z urged US citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton.

      “Less than 100 years ago, women had no voting rights. Let’s see how far we’ve come from this moment to change history again by electing the first woman President”, – said the singer. And on the eve of the inauguration of the head of America in new York held a rally against the President, which was visited by many Hollywood stars. The protest was attended by celebrities, including Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, cher, Julianne Moore, Sally field, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore. 25 thousand people encouraged the country’s leadership to reconsider the results of elections. “Donald trump is a bad example for this city and the country,” said Robert De Niro. The protests against Donald trump is still going on, criticism of the new President does not abate.

      A real flash mob after the election was held in Network and with the participation of Russian stars. However, with a different mark. No charges, no being rude – on the contrary, the domestic show business congratulated trump on the victory and wished him luck. As it turned out, many of our stars were personally acquainted with the current President of America as demonstrated posted the photos to social networks.

      “I congratulate Mr. trump’s victory! These are the unexpected twists and turns there are in life. I also unexpectedly won the Miss universe contest, which at the time was Donald trump. And now he wins the presidential election in America. Work with trump left a good impression about him, about his family, children. I hope his work in his new capacity will be as productive as business. Time will tell! Good luck!” – posted by TV presenter Oksana Fedorova.