Самая большая боль Юлии Высоцкой

Самая большая боль Юлии Высоцкой

A large number of fans as the most actress Yulia Vysotskaya and her popular
cooking shows – “Eat at Home”. Needless to say, it really
unbeatable and very delicious!

Sometimes it seems that looking cooking feel the flavors of her dishes, which is both light and refined. And
when flipping the page of Yulia in Instagram then I feel that is a happy woman and
problem, it is absolutely not known. It would seem the actress has won his lottery ticket, but
in the soul of Julia Vysotskaya uncontrollable pain!
That Julia will become the actress she always knew! She still had the option to go
study on the investigator, but this option was only on the bench, her heart belonged to the theatre!
To be a student of the acting Department was she huge, but fear that may not come was

“I was scared to go to Moscow to arrive, I thought that I didn’t take nothing!”,
said the actress. The excitement of the girls warmed up about unfair competition..
Yulia’s stepfather was in the military, my own father left the family when she was two years old. And the profession
wives like he joked Julia, was a military wife! To do so the girl went to Belarus,
without Tutors, but with a huge talent she had strict admissions office.

Самая большая боль Юлии Высоцкой

From the time of study at the University Vysotsky began to appear in films, work on TV
and work in the theater, I’ve always dreamed of. But as it turned out, officially to find a job Bulo
difficult, for this it was necessary to obtain Belarusian citizenship. Then her
with classmate – Anatoly kot, who suggested the Perfect little Scam –
a fictitious marriage. In 1996 at the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi is a chance meeting,
which turned her life upside the head with Andrei Konchalovsky, 35 years for senior

After 1.5 years the couple were married Konchalovsky at the time was 61, but only with her he
gained a sense of family and love,- as stated later Konchalovsky himself. A year after the wedding
happiness have increased Konchalovsky and Julia gave birth to daughter Masha, and a few years and
son Peter.
Julia fame brought her role in the film “House of fools” Director Andrei Konchalovsky.
For the filming of the movie “Ray” actress shaved bald head, but overall career-Yulia
difficult to call, to her family always comes first. But cooking brought her
the greatest pleasure, so it became her calling card!

It seemed her life was like a fairy tale, but in one moment her life turned into a nightmare. 12 Oct
2013 happened a terrible accident in which almost lost his 14 – year-old daughter
Mary. She rode along with my dad, who practically has not suffered, and Masha, who was not
fastened, received a traumatic brain injury. The doctors had to put her to sleep.
Reliable information about the status of the child is extremely small, and parents
this question does not comment. Now Masha already 20 years old and parents used to live with this
indescribable pain…

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