The best materials for the flooring

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

The flooring of the bathroom should be stylish and practical. To be able to move freely around the room, and to stay safe you will need to choose a cover so that it does not slip and it does not spoil the proper form. In addition, it should be resistant to moisture and mechanical influences.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

Together with interior designer Maria Bohr understand, what material to choose for the bathroom floor.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

When selecting materials for flooring be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • quality;
  • cost;
  • external data;
  • durability;
  • the method of installation;
  • life.

The most popular finishing materials for floors include:

  • self-leveling floors;
  • laminate with water resistant coating;
  • vinyl fabric;and
  • tiles from natural stone or imitation;
  • granite.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

Detailed consideration of each floor

Poured floors are created through the use of mass polymers, to get where you need to evenly distribute the composition, and to do so for a minimum of time, as it hardens almost maximum.

Due to the presence of various impurities in the composition, it is possible to create a completely transparent floor. With the help of this feature you can create not just the floor on which the transparent and dense film can be placed panels with photo printing, photo Wallpaper, pictures of natural stone or at all art painting, pictures with 3D effect.

Feature of bulk floors is that they can last quite a long time and therefore their cost will pay for itself more than once. Such coatings are durable, non-slip, but also does not deteriorate when exposed to water and moisture. The only drawback is the relatively expensive cost of installation. To entrust the installation is only to specialists, since it requires the use of special equipment.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

The use of ceramic tiles for the flooring in the bathroom is the most common variant. The material is resistant to moisture, water, and you can also pick up original designs from a wide range. Porcelain tile is almost not deformed by mechanical action and can be easily cleaned with various chemicals. It is best to purchase a tile, which has a relief coating or rough surface that the flooring is sustainable and safe for the household, even under the condition that the floor will be water and moisture.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

Laminate flooring with high moisture resistance will suit those who appreciate elegance, comfort and high aesthetics in the decoration of the bathroom. Do not be afraid that the laminate will deteriorate with the first use, since there are special fabrics, coated water-resistant film. However, when it is laid is to eliminate the accumulation of fluid, and requires periodic wiping of the floor and room ventilation, to increase its service life. Laminate flooring in the bathroom can be called a good decision, as it not only looks beautiful, but it is a safe material.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

The choice of artificial or natural stone is the original, but rather a painstaking way to finish the floor in the bathroom. The material is demanding and requires a professional approach. Unfortunately, this finish has drawbacks. Namely, when wet it becomes slippery, it is quite expensive, but it remains in demand around the world.

Наиболее выгодные материалы для отделки пола

Outdoor vinyl flooring — sheet vinyl that allow you to create a floor without seams. The leaves can be as large in size, which are cut from suitable fabric, and segments from which to create a holistic composition. The material became popular worldwide thanks to such qualities as practicality, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress, and antiskid effect.

Advice on the selection of material

Not to be mistaken with the choice of flooring in the bathroom, you should first ask yourself the questions:

1.How much will be spent on repair and finishing works;
2. What material you want to prefer: natural or artificially created;
3. What should be the interior: unique or standard;
4. If you want to save the security and you choose coverage with anti-slip.

Such a minimum list of criteria makes it much faster to determine the materials. In any case, the bathroom needs to comply with the terms of service and regularly carry out cleaning to prevent the buildup of moisture.

Bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, and therefore requires a special approach. Choose materials with taste and mind!

Photos and tips designer Mary Bohr.