Самым лучшим костюмом на Хэллоуин 2019 стал костюм зомби от Хайди Клум

Самым лучшим костюмом на Хэллоуин 2019 стал костюм зомби от Хайди Клум

Yesterday, October 31, was the brightest party in honor of Halloween among celebrities. Eclipsed all present 47-year-old actress Heidi Klum. That she will be the star of the evening was clear long before the party. The celebrity has turned into a zombie in front of a large audience behind a glass showcase make-up artists to make her a monster, and everyone could observe the process, to take pictures not video.

Of course, the suit was not of the commonplace, the ordinary fangs, bandages and dumped eye not done. Long before the festival, a woman told his fans that made a mold of my face, and that means Halloween costume will vary by the complexity of the implementation. After a certain time, on his page on Instagram, Heidi posted a video where she struck a trial makeup. Already then it became clear that it would be something incredible.

Sexy actress in several hours to transform into bloodthirsty zombies. Has been used a huge amount of makeup, the flaps are faux leather and not real blood. Extra clothes to wear Heidi did not, her character at the party was completely naked, which added attention and shock value. Of course, bloodthirsty zombies appeared at the door not one, but with his sacrifice, it became a astronaut, played by Klum’s husband Tom Kaulitz.

Heidi Klum loves this holiday, so the preparation is always responsibly and with originality. For example, last Halloween she appeared in the role of Fiona, and her husband, respectively — Shrek.

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