Лучший блоггер в мире — Уилл Смит, опубликовал видео с личной процедуры колоноскопии

Лучший блоггер в мире — Уилл Смит, опубликовал видео с личной процедуры колоноскопии

American 51-year-old actor will Smith always had a good sense of humor. If you are heart heavy or want a serving of fresh humor, you can safely go to the page in Instagram to the actor and to rejoice with all his fans. He jokes on everyone, not only his family, but also on themselves. Be able to make fun of themselves not everyone can boast of.

Yesterday, November 6, 2019, the actor had a routine medical examination where he was given a colonoscopy procedure. Without going into medical details, this procedure is a full examination of the rectum for abnormalities. Will decided that simply must capture the moment on video and show to the public. Signed Smith video with humor: “I was told that after this video I would have 50 million subscribers”.

This video was published partially in Instagram, the full version can be found on his YouTube channel. The video captures the whole process from the beginning: a conversation with the doctor, recommendations, story of the procedure to the final result. Fortunately, the actor is all right, without any deviations.

It is unknown whether the page in Instagram the actor has 50 million subscribers, however, video views are gaining momentum. This suggests that will is still not in vain tried and recorded this message.

By the way, despite the fact that throughout the video the actor is joking and humor is present even in the most critical moments, Smith wanted to tell people more. He urged to take care of your health and carry out all preventive examinations, which are recommended by the attending physician. For example, a colonoscopy it recommended to pass, as after 50 years there is a big chance of getting cancer of the rectum, but in the initial stages it quickly and painlessly treatable.

Fans supported him with a positive comment and said that he always wanted a friend like him. We thanked him for his experiences, for caring. It really is important to monitor themselves, and such great celebrities as will Smith show us in this example.

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