The Beckham family has another child

В семействе Бекхэмов появился еще один ребенок
David is trying to earn the forgiveness of my wife, Victoria.

В семействе Бекхэмов появился еще один ребенок

David Beckham with baby Peggy


sister of David Beckham — Joanna — shared a funny photo. On it
it captures 42-year-old brother with her niece in her arms — baby Peggy, which Joanna
gave birth to last year. By interesting coincidence hairstyles Babes and a player in
the resignation were very similar. Joanna joked about this signing
under the photo, as if on behalf of Peggy: “This is my uncle. I love him, although we
somehow similar haircuts. I think he’s copying me!»

Looking for
this picture, it is impossible not to notice the adoration in David’s looking at
kid. Beckham has always said that
loves children, and would absolutely not mind if he and Victoria
there was one child. Especially because he always wanted a daughter, and in the last
what time Victoria gave birth to girl Harper who became his favorite. But,
to produce a daughter, the wife of the football player said: the more she children
bear will not! After all, Harper was the fourth joint “Chad” Beckham,
in addition to her the couple have 18-year-old son Brooklyn, 15-year-old Romeo and
12-year-old Cruz. Besides, it seems like Victoria, the last time David pays
the family is not as much time as she would like.

Recently David took an unexpected decision: now it is significant
of the year to be alone because they have decided to take control of their own
football club in Miami. And Victoria
younger children to go to America did not want, saying he did not want to tear them away from
schools and friends in London. Therefore, the relationship of David and Victoria were darkened. Victoria, according to one of her friends, even called
the solution to David’s “extremely selfish”.

But the husband of Victoria has come up with a way to appease her. David
decided to show how his wife was more important to him than sport. He solemnly
announced that it is voluntarily miss a football match of the UEFA Champions League visit
which he had anticipated for a long time – between Real and Sain Germain and real Madrid, in order to conduct this
a day with Victoria. After all, the match will be held on February 14, Valentine’s Day. And
David now hopes that his wife will appreciate his sacrifice.

David Beckham with his family