The beauty of Russia became the 18-year-old student from Yekaterinburg

Красой России стала 18-летняя студентка из Екатеринбурга

This year Lada Akimova recognized as the most beautiful girl of the country.

The final of the XXII national festival of beauty and talent “Beauty of Russia – 2016” and awards ceremony was held on December 12 at the Metropolitan club ICON. The final was attended by 30 beauties from all over the country – they were preparing for this event for several months: I supported myself in shape, took dancing lessons, learned to walk nicely and to talk.

The theme of the contest was “the Element of female beauty”. Throughout the evening of 30 girls from different cities of Russia demonstrated their talents, defiled in bathing suits and prove their right to the crown.

The jury gathered unusual composition: rapper djigan, Alexander Tolmatsky, actor Denis Shoals, star lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

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The winner of the show 18-year-old Lada wowed the judges with his modesty and intelligence. One of the questions leading the girl replied: “she should be multifaceted and to include all the four elements – fire, water, earth, air. She must be passionate, able to adapt under everything and at the same time needs to be gentle and tender.”

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Lada Akimova – student of the Ural state mining University, specialty international Manager. He graduated from the vocal Department of the music school, loves sports. Her credo is: “Faster, higher, stronger.” Before the final show, the future winner wrote in his page “Vkontakte”: “Thanks to all who are near, those who support or just watching me) Thank you to all the girls for warm company and friendly atmosphere! And of course special thanks to all the families and teachers!”

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We will remind that the festival “Beauty of Russia” is held since 1995. To qualify, candidates need to pass qualifying rounds and regional competitions. Girls choosing on the basis of: age from 14 to 25 years, they are not married and have no children.

Last year the winner was 18-year-old law student of far Eastern Federal University Alexander Cherepanov.

The winning student predicted before the start of the competition. Girl engaged in self-education, attends various master classes, a gym and a pool. Dreams of a big strong family. After all, the most valuable thing in life is family, first the one in which you are born, and then the one that creates itself. Her credo: “All the time”.