The battle for a piece of land, and who will realize the dream of Alexei Batalov

Битва за клочок земли, и кто осуществит мечту Алексея Баталова My investigation scandal, which began during the life of the beloved artist.
Битва за клочок земли, и кто осуществит мечту Алексея Баталова

People’s artist of USSR Alexey Batalov conquered the audience in any role. The soldier, a scientist, a doctor, a circus gymnast, the mechanic – he was convincing, natural and very honest to their profession. And he lived the same way – not fussed about nothing while keeping the inner core, which is different from all his characters.

“In fact, if you think about it, everything beautiful in this world, everything except what we ourselves think and do when we forget the higher goals of human dignity”, – says his Dmitri Gurov in “the lady with the dog”. In one of his last interviews to my question, what is the main formula of life, Alexey Vladimirovich answered very short: “Please be human”.

With her neighbor in the country, jeweler Vadim Elgarten, the Director, has maintained friendly relations. And when he brought in his Moscow apartment a certain paper with assurances that the rights of the artist are not violated, Batalov directly on the landing document was signed.

“I could not see, but nothing bad from that meeting is not expected”, – told later Alexey Vladimirovich. In result, the already tiny suburban area their families in Peredelkino became even less of these 65 square meters, the neighbor hoisted the bath.

The cottage was the only place where an elderly actor was able to breathe fresh air. But for the past ten years neither he nor his wife Gitana, nor paralyzed daughter Mary, which, by the way, Batalov issued at the time the site does not sense the Wali himself there safely.

“I was afraid a neighbor, confessed to me Gitana Arkadevna. – The court ordered Elgarta to demolish the bathhouse and to restore the property Batalova, but he ignored the decision, citing the fact that the cottage owned by his daughter, Irina Ivanova, now living in America, and attorney to conduct Affairs no”.
Битва за клочок земли, и кто осуществит мечту Алексея Баталова

The anniversary of the death of Alexei Batalov (his heart stopped on 15 June last year) passion for real estate has inflamed with new force: 82-year-old widow physically can not take sick daughter on the street, women were virtually locked in four walls. And the cottage where Mary could live and work (in spite of the illness, Mary became a writer and a successful writer), would be a salvation. Meanwhile, feel at ease in the fresh air only Vadim Elgart, and the area Batalov overgrown with garbage and cow parsnip. But we must admit that despite the obvious talent for chicanery, Vadim Evseevich not the incarnation of hell. He even brought me to the Studio 300 thousand rubles, saying, let these funds heiress Batalova and dismantle the ill-fated bath, and he has the hand does not rise. “I built it with such love!” – in the heat of the moment he exclaims.

“After the intrigues I talk to Vadim about. And that dirty money, I don’t take it, Andrew” – says to me Gitana Arkadevna.
Битва за клочок земли, и кто осуществит мечту Алексея Баталова

According to her, the neighbor must demolish illegal construction and to restore the boundaries of the site. “But if there are people who will help me plant along the fence of Apple trees, I’d appreciate it. This tree Alesha loved the most.”